Best Colocation Web Hosting Services

Get full control over hardware and software configurations with 24/7 support services for enhanced security and redundancy.

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  • Secure data protection with encryption portfolio
  • Reliable and flexible individual cabinets
  • Underground data centres for appended safeguard
  • Secured and Modular data centres cages with private suits
  • High-density 2N and N+1 power configurations
  • Hybrid infrastructure cloud-enabled data centres
  • Customizable cabinets and cages with custom locks
  • Inhouse structured future proof cabling
  • Flexible and consistent global configuration
  • Resilient infrastructure with local and global interconnection
  • 5 step security validation process
  • More than 200 data centres in 5 continents
  • High speed 100 GB private lines for handling multiple services
  • Mantrap entries and biometric scanner for added security
  • high-density redundant configurations with pre-deployed connections
  • Premier fencing and IP DVR cameras for cage monitorings
  • PCI DSS SOC1 TYPE 2 and SOC2 TYPE 2 compliant
  • Advanced security protocols and anti-virus protection
  • Data migration and monitoring services
  • 24/7 surveillance of hardware and software professional teams
  • Industry-leading PCI and HIPPA standard security
  • Customizations for cage environments
  • Remote hand services with delegate IT management team
  • Eliminates cyber attacks from DDoS, SQL injection, and XSS
  • Provides real-time insights and alerts
  • Services include install, replacement and patching of OS servers
  • Multi-homed connection and DDoS mitigation
  • Cross connects and patch panel secure cabinets
  • Multi-level IT security with biometric cage access control
  • 60 global data centres with 29 markets
  • End-to-end design building solutions with BICSI and RCDD standards
  • Redundant infrastructure with cooling and humidity control
  • Hybrid, IaaS, PaaS, and, DRaaS cloud services
  • Secured lock options of biometric, combined and key locks
  • Performs annual audits for HIPPA HITECH, FedRAMP, and FISMA controls
  • Rack dedicated, cloud VPS, and app web hosting services
  • Secure socket layer protection for eliminating threats
  • Monitoring of ICMP and HTML with 24/7 alerts
  • 1000 Mbps IP connection capacity with 5 TB data transfer per month

A Guide To Choosing The Best Colocation Web Hosting Service Providers


Colocation server hosting is a great server option among top-notch Webhosting that is generally utilized by small-scale businesses who want the features of large-scale IT without the costs associated with them. The Colocation helps you to place your web server in another rack and share your bandwidth.

The process is simplistic; you place your server in one of the 3 data centres and access the server remotely. The most significant advantages of Colocation are your data secured with full disaster recovery and cost is a bit lower than other hosting providers. You still have full command over your server just without the negatives of investing money into energy heating and office space. Also, there's a high amount of bandwidth available in the data centre, which allows you to get all these facilities without any payment.

How Colocation Web Hosting Works?

The Colocation is service operates for companies that already own hardware, software and unable to have facilities to store confidential data. Thus, the businesses, lease storage from colocation hosting providers. It offers affordable housing for hardware, as well as data protection.

Clients relocate their hardware to a data centre and configure the servers. As there is no physical contact between the colocation hosting providers and the client's hardware, they require additional assistance known as remote hands. The data center suggests all responsibility for cooling, efficient energy supply, and security from natural disasters.

Benefits of Colocation Web Hosting Services

Bandwidth Cost

The cost of bandwidth is the most significant benefit of Colocation. Generally, the lowest price of a typical bandwidth is 150 bucks, but in a colocation service, you can get a high definition bandwidth at the same rate.

High-end Security

Security is one of the main things about hosting web service. A colocation web hosting service provides maximum notification on protection. Moreover, the power supply system of this is mind-blowing. A colocation web hosting service gives you three days of nonstop backup supply without electricity.

Automatic Server Updations

The Colocation web hosting service belongs to automatic server up-gradation. If your memory is getting shortened to run the service, it automatically upgrades your server. In a colocation web hosting service, you do not need to depend on your service provider for software updates. It allows upgrading all the software with all your own.

Low-Maintenance Cost

Some colocation hosting providers provide the facility of maintaining your server by themselves with some additional costs and also provide Free Web hosting services for beginners.

Why Should I Prefer Colocation Web Hosting?

Colocation facilities have greater outage security and cheap in price. When the machine is too slow, or it does not have enough storage, it can only upgrade the server. It does not require to wait for the provider to get around to upgrade.

Colocation services have extra support for your equipment. The data is stored and Controlled in a safe environment. Several colocation servers operate better the server at an additional charge for you. It is especially useful if you have no qualified IT team or your office is far away from the colocation hosting providers.

Bandwidth costs are the biggest advantage of Colocation. In a colocation facility, a single server can be placed. It provides faster data speeds and better continuity for network connections.

What is the difference between Web Hosting and Colocation?

Control is the key distinction between web hosting and Colocation. Colocation gives all the advantages of a data centre, like efficient infrastructure, security, reliable speed and accessibility, technical assistance, flexibility. Further, you can customize the equipment to suit your business needs and deeds

Key Features of Colocation

  • Both hardware and software are completely controlled
  • Full control of configuring the hardware and software
  • More use of IT infrastructure and security at the data centre
  • Lower risk of website downtime or vulnerabilities on the network
  • Technical aid 24/7 customer support services

Colocation Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Colocation or dedicated server hosting both provide ways to get rid of the size and capacity of an industrial-grade data center with the efficiency and power you get using dedicated hardware.

Due to higher demand, dedicated hosting ensures that you scale up without buying resources or invest in IT, support staff. Because of the level of economies found in data centers, you can take control of high-speed Internet access and the latest server technologies, without the burden of maintaining it.

For certain businesses, Colocation is the best alternative. Since most terms of the contract for the Colocation are customized to meet specific business needs. It gives you more control over the system that is under your applications. In the long run, Colocation would be more cost-effective than dedicated hosting.

Final Verdict

Colocation is an established service that is offered by many recognizable players in the IT outsourcing market. So, no matter where your company is placed, it likely has access to high-quality colocation facilities by iron mountain, even in cities where demand is growing.