Best WordPress Web Hosting Services

WordPress hosting provides automatic upgrades, fast page loading speed, and security solutions to prevent from malware attacks.

By Customer Feedback

  • Cloud server consists of 1GB to 36GB physical memory storage
  • Compatible with Iphones and Android hosting application
  • Instant scalability of hard disk, RAM, processing power, etc.,
  • Unlimited FTP, SFTP and shell user access and MYSQL database
  • Cloud storage for access data and security
  • Unlimited number of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • User-friendly interface for email, anti-spam and more
  • Quickly and easily support PHP version
  • SShield Cyber-security and protection on personal data
  • Monitorings of DDoS attacks, software-based and SSL support security
  • Nginx, PHP 7.4 and MariaDB softwares for blazing speed
  • Next-generation technology with google cloud platform
  • Cookies detection technology for smooth and in sync checkouts
  • Continue system backups with a simple recovery process
  • Fully customizable with windows and Linux servers
  • Server secure advanced security with DDoS protection
  • Detailed analysis of website traffic performance
  • Automatic updates of WordPress for continuous operation
  • Unlimited domains, websites and SSD storage
  • Free SSL encryption with spam protection
  • AI antibot against malicious traffic controller
  • Access to CURL, Zlib, Zend and smarty templates
  • Customized Apache and NGINX web server technologies
  • Well Suited for webmasters and bloggers
  • Gzip compression and CSS and javascript merging
  • Reinforced DDoS protection and 2-factor authentication
  • Malware and DDoS protection
  • WordPress optimizes stack and advanced server caching
  • Automatic daily backups and updates
  • Built-in protection against ransomware
  • Artificial intelligence to build a site
  • Mobile optimized website traffic
  • Customized images and layouts
  • Automatic threat detection and blocking
  • 1TB local storage with 400GB bandwidth
  • CDN and SSL certification premium web hosting
  • Perfect to publish and update content

Premium WordPress Web Hosting Services

Do you want to start an ecommerce site? You must then choose the best web hosting service that would offer you the disk space to store the data that you would showcase on the website and make it available to the global audience. Do you know that by the end of 2019, 154,608,076 domains were hosted, and the total number of web hosting providers have touched 338,561? The web hosting services market is increasing at a rate of 15.9% every year.

The WordPress web hosting services would differ from one site to another and depend on the site's traffic, content, location, and brand popularity. A few websites would give high priority to the security while a few sites want the highest disk space and excellent customer support. The requirements of web hosting depending on the site. Today, 33% of the sites are powered by WordPress. No additional resource is required for the website owner to maintain the WordPress site due to which the popularity of this type of web hosting is on the rise. 

Key Features Of Wordpress Web Hosting Platforms

Free CMS and plugins

WordPress hosting offers free CMS. When the website owner chooses the WordPress hosting, there is no coding system that an owner has to run on the server to set up the CMS. There are many free themes and plugins that are offered by the host. You can use these to improve the look and feel of the application and make it functionally rich. The plugins are simple to install. You can use these plugins to add some exciting things on the web pages such as polls, video galleries, quizzes, etc. 

Email accounts

Be it you are running a small site or a big ecommerce store; there are email accounts required and which reflect the domain name. The hosting web service would allow you to create unlimited email accounts. The professional email accounts help the owners to impress the clients.

Unlimited disk space

Another best thing about WordPress hosting is the unlimited disk space which allows the website owner to store everything. If you have a business website, you must have a separate server to store the data. There is unlimited space offered by the web hosting provider to boost the website's performance.


WordPress offers an additional security layer to the website and avoids it from getting prone to security vulnerabilities. There are a free SSL certificate, real-time malware scan and PHP vulnerability check, and other provider security checks. Bluehost Web Hosting is one of the best-secured web hosting in the market with its ability to lash out cyber-attacks and threats. 

Automatic and manual backup

The site information can be backed up without human intervention periodically to keep the data secure from data loss due to unexpected incidents. The web hosting services would make the backup process quick, efficient and highly reliable. For the companies in budding states, Web hosting for Entrepreneur services helps backing up the hard work automatically and takes the burden off of them.

Free site migration support

The web hosting services would also offer you free support when migrating from another platform to WordPress.

High website uptime

The web hosting providers would offer 99.99% of uptime to keep the website live. Your website is always available to global customers.

Benefits of WordPress Web Hosting Services

Jet speed and excellent performance

The web servers configured for the WordPress site would make it work faster because you choose the dedicated or shared hosting. The server configurations would boost the loading time. 

Improved security

The main benefit of WordPress hosting is security. When there is any update in WordPress, the security patches are installed automatically. This keeps the site protected. The web hosts would scan the website regularly to detect security threats. This avoids hackers from compromising the security of the website. Dedicated web hosting services adds an extra layer of security as there won’t be any other users.


There is round the clock support that is offered by the WordPress web hosting service. They are trained professionals who can answer any query in a few minutes.


The web hosting services offered by each company differ and has different features. Each hosting company would give a tough competition to the other one. The customer has to choose the one that meets their hosting requirements and budget. When you choose the right hosting service, it takes the website to a new level. The web hosting services usually would offer round the clock support. If you ask us, Dreamhost Web hosting stays top on our list. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the website must always be alive to get a sea of traffic and gain the trust of website visitors. So, choose the right one to keep the site live always.