Best VR Headsets For PC

Lightweight and comfortable-wear VR headsets sync with PC to let you stream the premium content like adventures, games, movies as long as you want without distortions.

By Customer Feedback

  • Store upto 7 HD movies and 20 games
  • Concerts, sports events access pass in virtual reality
  • Crystal clear big screen with 3D graphics
  • Sound detect technology
  • AMOLED display and dual-screen allows bright, clear graphical videos
  • Compatible with window pc and headset
  • Comfortable and adjustable facial contour
  • Best for military and police training
  • 101-degree viewing angled lens
  • Offer 2D and 3D stereoscopic videos
  • Perfect for teenagers
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable wearing
  • Intuitive and built-for-touch interface
  • Unlimited VR games and apps subscription for two months
  • 3k anti-side display for 110-degree view field
  • Premium cooling fabric for comfortable wear
  • 360° spatial quality sound
  • Anti-reflective eye protected HD lens
  • Widely compatible with 5.5 to 6.5 inches ios and android mobiles
  • Removable and washable VR face mask
  • Suitable to reduce motion sickness
  • Six camera tracker for wide coverage
  • Access library with VIVEPORT infinity subscription
  • Expensive and convenient flip-up designed headphone
  • Inside-out tracking camera
  • Mixed Reality headset allows a physical and virtual experience
  • Freedom of movement such as up, down, pitch, roll
  • Microporous leather prevents light outflow
  • High-quality 1080p screen resolution
  • Ultra-wide panoramic 3D scenes

The Ultimate PC VR Headset Buying Guide

For those who wish to jump into the world of virtual reality, the best option is to choose a VR headset for gaming. It is the right time to invest in VR technology as this is the new era where people pitch in with the whole new technology of virtual reality world where they feel the reality by getting immersed. The headsets have penetrated the mainstream line to the market to a degree where you can choose the best PC VR headset with a lot of in-built features attached. If you have the confusion of how to choose or what factors should we consider before buying a cheap PC VR Headset, we have specified some of the key points that help to pick up your VR headset for your PC easily.

VR Headset For PC

Buying a VR headset for your PC makes you feel that you have been taken to a whole new world of reality. Whether you would like to see short films, play games, be in a social network or any other media, VR headset provides a whole entertainment and satisfaction. The VR headsets offer different experiences, unlike traditional headphones, especially when you are sitting on the PC to enjoy your time. So before getting the right VR headset for your PC, try looking at some of the factors that make you more comfortable and give immense entertainment.

Factors to consider before you pick a PC VR Headset

While buying the VR headset for HD videos, there are many factors to take into consideration. Here are some of the features that need the attention of the buyers. The main features like track hand, body movement and other controllers are must and without which you might lose the magic of VR. The best handsets should have the following features:

  • Tracking of room-scale - the best VR headset should have sensors built – into the track you across the size of an average room you are living.
  • Comfortability of the PC VR Headset – The headset should be flexible enough to fit snugly on the face shapes without providing discomfort of being heavy or getting too hot after a specific time of usage.
  • Good controlling features of PC VR Headset – There shouldn’t be any complicated buttons overlying, and the predominant features must be comfortable to play or use.
  • Built-in sound features in the headset – Although many headsets are perfect for audio files in Samsung headset with controllers, having a nice headphone jack along with VR is the best one to have with your PC. Headsets with high-quality headphones or speakers built-in help to minimize background noises and still leave you the option to swap in your pair of headsets.
  • Industrially developed specs for VR – Other factors to consider in a sequence is sensor, weight, and size of the headset which stands on the top list of all the VR headsets when picking up one.

Other factors to buy PC VR headset

There are other factors to look into before you choose the best VR headset for low price. There are many companies which offer high-end VR headsets for PCs with a lot of features attached and give you a striking compromise when compared with that of the casual headset. They are more comfortable to use with just a single cord facility that connects the headset directly with the computer. While the sensors help to locate you in the room and also the hand movements, so there is no need to set an external sensor. Some might have slightly more connecting cables and even slots in case you would like to get some wireless headsets.

Final Words in favor of PC VR Headset

In the Virtual reality world, it is not just easy to just buy things online as you wish before looking deep into the features of the VR headset for your PC. While many options are available in choosing the best VR headset, it is advisable to relax and think twice about the need for your VR headset and then fix up the features that are necessary to be in it before buying one. With the detailed explanation of the above factors to look in might help one to buy the Oculus VR headset for PC.