Best VR Headset For Android

Step into the future by integrating Virtual Reality Headsets with Android devices for enjoying the visual content.

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  • Unlimited VR games and apps subscription for two months
  • 3k anti-side display for 110-degree view field
  • Premium cooling fabric for comfortable wear
  • 360° spatial quality sound
  • Six camera tracker for wide coverage
  • Access library with VIVEPORT infinity subscription
  • Expensive and convenient flip-up designed headphone
  • 2060mAh battery power upto 4 hours
  • Retinal imagination technology for advanced viewing
  • +1 to -7 diopter adjustments for short-sighted and farsighted people
  • Stream 2D, 3D content through a smartphone
  • View webpages,360° images and videos quality
  • Sweatproof design headband
  • Unlimited content with crystal clear clarity
  • Compatible with MicroSD card and USB hard drive
  • Multiple functionalities like screen size, brightness, pupil distance
  • HDMI input connect to Blu-ray 3D, DVD, Roku
  • Compatible with power banks
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Premium quality VR headset
  • Multimedia eyewear with remote control option
  • Physical movements help to improve psychomotor skills
  • Made with soft and smooth thick foam for longer durability
  • Best quality leather perfect for facial contours
  • New non-spherical lens technology
  • Adjustable head straps with eyesight protection system
  • FD and OD adjustment technology
  • VR smartphone compatibility with gyro sensors

Buying Guide - How To Pick The Right VR Headset for Android?

Once in a while, we all had gone into the imagery world. Right? Doesn’t it seem so real to you? What will you do if technology gives you the power to control it? We assure you, Nothing will be better than that. We all know that the world is emerging and with which technology is taking a new shape.

Android VR headset has remained in the top list when we talk about technological innovations. A few years ago, it was just an idea which over a time has gone trending. It allows you to cherish what isn’t possible in the real world. You can play VR games over it, enjoy movies and videos in high quality and can even perform virtual surgeries for a better understanding of medical complexities.

Android VR Headset

The concept of virtual reality enables one to feel the images as if they are real. When it comes to Android VR headsets, these gadgets are programmed in such a way that they change your real surroundings entirely with the one you wish. It might be very challenging for you to select the right one. Right? Let’s figure out some of the essential features of the VR headset for PC, that you should keep in mind to make things pretty much easier for you.

Interactive VR-Interface

The interface has its importance in virtual reality. The interaction, as well as the responsiveness of the interface, should be interesting. Look for features like voice commands and gestures while buying any android VR headset for teenagers

Detailed Design of Android VR Headset

A good quality Android VR headset calls for good design. A good design helps you in dealing with issues like fatigue when you use it for longer duration. Make sure it has a face guard to overcome the inevitable issue of sweating. Also, check the presence of air-vents to avoid any air-passage issues. Last but not least, adjustable straps are a must to make the headset set correctly over your head.

Smooth controllers for easy movements

It is the backbone of any Android VR headset because it defines its quality. A controller guarantees you secure and smooth movements while your brain is accessing the virtual world. It is mandatory to have six-degree of freedom in your headset if you want to move in all possible angles.

Quick in setting up

At the time when you are dealing with the HTC Vive Android VR headset for wide coverage, look for the required space inside your mobile for setting it up. Another thing to consider is - installation time of VR’s software. If it takes more time to set up, more will be the inconvenience.

Ensure VR Headset is Comfortable

The Android VR headset should be comfortable for the person who wants to cherish an unforgettable experience of android virtual reality. There is a possibility that a person can use it for hours. Thus it’s weight should be perfect, neither too heavy nor too light. Also, it is recommended to use one with adjustable cables, so that any variation in size would not create a problem in the future. Try to find a spacious one.

Check The Resolution Of Android VR Headset

Resolution of Android VR headset, its lenses and the view angle are few things to be considered before buying. This is because resolution defines the quality of the image over its screen. If you want to enjoy it fully, buy an android virtual reality headset that provides you with high resolution. In case you are bad with dealing with specifications, 2160x1200 would be a great choice. Also, look at the transfer rate of the pixels. A high pixel rate guarantees you ultra-Hd experience with no image lag.

Compatible With Your Phone

The first and the basic question is, whether the Android VR headset is compatible with your android mobile? It is not necessary that the android VR you are considering going to connect with your mobile. Just make sure about the compatibility.

Final Words - Should I Buy Android VR Headset?

Technology has come up with new inventions daily, and Samsung Android VR headset is one of quality device among them, and it is the coolest gadget that you cannot ignore. Its interactive features and design make it the best choice to play games or enjoy movies virtually.

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