Best Gaming VR Headset

Grab all-in-one gaming VR headsets featuring touch controllers and built-in sensors to take pro-gamers to the virtual world.

By Customer Feedback

  • Optoslon 3d VR glasses for movies and games
  • Premium lenses with 360 panoramic views
  • Aspheric and anti-distortion surface
  • Optics reduce screen-door effects
  • Best for the realistic scenario
  • Controller helps to navigate concerts, TV shows
  • Crystal clear big screen with 3D graphics
  • Helps to reduce mind pressure
  • Dual AMOLED 3.6 inch display with 360° coverage
  • G-sensor, gyroscopic and proximity sensors
  • Immersive audio with 3D spatial sound
  • DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers
  • Bundle includes blood and truth disc, golf games
  • Lightweight and portable VR headset
  • Best VR headset with full-body tracker
  • Intuitive realistic precision with touch controls
  • Built in sensor with oculus insight tracking
  • Adjustable head straps with eyesight protection system
  • FD and OD adjustment technology
  • VR smartphone compatibility with gyro sensors
  • Unlimited VR games and apps subscription for two months
  • 3k anti-side display for 110-degree view field
  • Premium cooling fabric for comfortable wear
  • 2060mAh battery power upto 4 hours
  • Retinal imagination technology for advanced viewing
  • +1 to -7 diopter adjustments for short-sighted and farsighted people
  • Multi use as a headphones for audio
  • Unlimited access to 600+ VR content
  • Precision movement trackings
  • High impedance headphones and 3D spatial sound
  • Best VR headset for watching movies
  • Premium lenses with 360° panoramic quality
  • Conductive touched button for easy operating

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Gaming VR Headset?

The world of virtual reality has transcended to a new level. Undoubtedly, the VR system has found its place in mainstream media and it won't be long before it replaces most of the current media equipment. Speaking of which, the earliest form of media that VR seems to captivate is gaming. In 2020 VR gaming has become prominent and because of reduced prices of VR headsets; we are witnessing an immense development in the world of gaming. Top-brand VR Headsets give a sense of reality in a virtual form and who wouldn't want that? Especially when you are gaming where you are actually taking control of the main character.

Boom of Gaming VR Headsets

What else people like other than getting the best VR headset for their gaming device to get the real in-world experience? There are many devices and accessories to consider for gaming and one best is the VR headsets for concert. These VR devices have features with stereoscopic and specialized lenses to help the users to experience VR while playing games.

Different Types of VR Headsets

While there are many companies selling these VR headsets, the competition rises with the technology and features that are incorporated within the VR headset for games. It is important to decide what are the necessary features that are required to the user based on the games as there are many brands and types available in the market. Before knowing which one to buy let us first get to know what types of VR headsets are available for use.

Tethered VR Headsets

This type has connection cable to link with the PC or laptop to transmit VR signals on the system

Untethered VR Headsets

These are stand-alone devices without any wires or cables instead they rely on wi-fi to receive or transmit content

Smartphone VR Headsets

Smartphones VR headsets are unique as the source of VR signals are directly connected into the headset

Factors to consider before you buy the best VR headset for gaming

Whatever types of headset, there are general categories to consider in terms of technology to choose the right one. These include:


The order of these based on the user's preferences and needs.


The immersion feature in the VR headset for android is important as it provides a feeling of the present in the virtual environment and more the immersive, the more the user feels he or she is there. These include tracking features of VR which again split into positional tracking and room scaling options to choose.

  1. Outside-in tracking
  2. Inside-out tracking
  3. Hand tracking
  4. Leap motion technology
  5. Eye-tracking

There are also different kinds of degrees of freedom to consider in your gaming VR headset. These are here-

DoF – Degrees of Freedom – These comes with either 3DoF or 6DoF
FoV – Field of View – these ranges from 100° to 200° maximum

Controllers of the Gaming VR Headset

There are also controllers which are necessary to consider while choosing VR for gaming purposes. Good controlling features will eventually enhance the gaming experience and high-end VR headsets have a connection with a trackpad, trigger, buttons to allow having great experience while gaming.

Gaming VR Headset Sound Quality

Another most important feature to consider while selecting the gaming VR headset is the sound features. Like in the theatre, audio plays a major role and thus makes the users feel immersed in the gaming. There are built-in speakers, and some have built-in headphones. There is also a built-in microphone with Oculus VR headsets.

Device compatibility With Gaming VR Headsets

Before buying the gaming VR headset, you should consider if the gaming device is compatible with the VR you are buying as there are different uses of VR that include gaming, watching movies and computing. 

Final Words

We hope that these factors will assist you indeed in buying your kind of gaming VR headset like optoslon for movies. All you need to do is make a right on these points and select your VR for gaming with no delays.