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DESTEK 3D VR Goggles

DESTEK 3D VR Goggles

DESTEK Virtual Reality Headset For Video Games | VR Goggles Price

DESTEK 3D VR Goggles Features

  • Anti-reflective eye protected HD lens
  • Widely compatible with 5.5 to 6.5 inches ios and android mobiles
  • Removable and washable VR face mask

Destek - Bluetooth Controlled VR Headset

The Destek v5 VR headset vouches to transport one in the futuristic city of roller coaster rides, stunning concerts, pristine beaches, lush forests, and so much more. Get an adrenaline rush with Bluetooth VR Headset and feel the depth of the virtual world. In no small measure, the Destek v5 VR headset caters to the best and mesmerizing virtual reality experience.

Design and features

The HD virtual reality headset is entirely lightweight and absolutely comfortable. The company has definitely worked on the quality of manufacturing and component swaps. The headset does not weigh much to ensure that you can enjoy the virtual reality experience all day long. The head strap has been designed to ensure that the Destek v5 VR headset perfectly fits every head. The headset comes with a removable face pad to ensure that the pad can be cleaned whenever it gets dirty and is super soft. It is easily washable and will ensure that the fabric can breathe freely.

The Bluetooth remote control has made the games more fun. The HD Virtual Reality Headset for mobiles is fitted with protected lenses, which ensure that the blue light does not directly enter the naked eyes. The anti-reflective lens and the coating lens cater to the best experience without straining the eyes and show sharp images. Some more featured VR Headsets, Atlasonix VR Headsets and BNext VR Headsets having similar features, confirm the best you require.

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