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OPTOSLON Virtual Reality Headset

OPTOSLON Virtual Reality Headset

OPTOSLON 3D VR Headset For Mobile Games Compatible With Android

OPTOSLON Virtual Reality Headset Features

  • Optoslon 3d VR glasses for movies and games
  • Premium lenses with 360 panoramic views
  • Aspheric and anti-distortion surface

Optoslon VR Headset - Enjoy 3d Videos, Games And Concerts With Optoslon

The Optoslon VR headset is the best pick in the market of virtual reality headsets The stereo sound catered by the Optoslon 3d VR glasses gives the best experience of the 360 degrees spatial sound. There is a focal adjustment, and the button is fitted on both sides of the Optoslon VR headset. The unified adjustment will ensure that even if one has power on both the eyes, the eye adjustment feature will enable them to watch the virtual world without any restrictions.

The feature light design of the Optoslon 3d VR glasses has a memory sponge for the comfort of users. The ear pad is fitted with the Optoslon virtual reality headset and ensures that there is no pressure on the ears even after listening and watching the virtual world for prolonged hours. 

The company also guarantees the quality for 180 days after purchase, and in case any technical glitch arises, the customer care service is at the customer’s rescue. The product is much more convenient with the stereo headphone and makes the experience much better. The Optoslon 3d VR glasses are made up of high quality and durable material. The adjustable headset ensures that anyone can use the headset according to their heads' comfort and size. VR Headsets For Android, Mac And Windows are also available online. The optical resin ensures that the users do not strain the eyes and feel dizzy in case of an extended period of virtual reality experience.

Optoslon 3d VR glasses are the best in the market for watching concerts and films without any strain and enjoy the lovely experience. Sony PlayStation and Goovis VR Headset also offer 4K high resolution videos. 

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