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  • Automate duplicate task technology to ease work
  • Remote-ready templates for onboard production
  • The international standard compliance certification software
  • Share real-time documents, annotation, feedback, etc.
  • Simple drag and drop interface for beginners use
  • Offer resource management software for online projects.
  • Time and project tracking techniques allow better workflow.
  • Get 30 days of free trial for convenient platform operation.
  • Customised dashboard platform for effective working
  • Automated task, files, and report approval system
  • Advanced work intelligent technique integration tool
  • Powerful media and collaboration functionality at fingertips
  • Manage project activities at a centralised place
  • Team time tracking featured tool to approve work.
  • Offer milestone function to evaluate group task instantly.
  • Online Gantt chart provides a clear progress view to users
  • High-performing templates for scalable processes
  • Robust task settings like add tags, due dates, etc.
  • Build strong client relationship for the onboarding experience
  • Offer quality and live webinars with experts support.
  • Build checklists and task plans for work assigning
  • Offer task notification to collaborate in the workspace.
  • Flexible software to monitor business expenses
  • Pre-designed yet intuitive templates to remove duplicates
  • Flexible task controlling feature for simple usage
  • Invoice optional plug-ins to handling the sales process
  • Share and upload multiple types of files seamlessly.
  • Timeline rescheduling project technique with a single click
  • Accurate Gantt chart to complete the project on due time
  • Effective task hierarchy for organising workflow
  • Top-notch IP address control system platform
  • Compatible with IOS and Android operating system
  • Powerful time scanning feature to set time on projects
  • TLS encryption task platform to protect confidential data
  • Excellent templates to boost company productivity
  • Dedicated expert’s support with on-demand demo videos
  • Preloaded project icons for presentation outlook
  • Offer automatic recurring options for work efficiency.
  • Encrypted task managing tool to make data secure
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and other application integrations

Features To Consider While Selecting the Task Management Software

The traditional ways of functioning your company may be restricting the growth of your business. It is vital to always focus on the bigger picture and manage your business effectively. There are many factors that can limit the potential of your staff or your coworkers. 

The best solution for such scenarios is to opt for a task management software that enhances your productivity. As the name suggests itself, the software acts as a real-time workplace, enabling you and your team to handle the tasks more efficiently. 

Whether you own a small business or big sized one, confusions may always occur regarding the deadlines, the start date and whatnot. If your workers are overwhelmed by excessive emails, overlapping projects, and poor communication, task management software is a must for you. Grow exponentially by keeping all of your tasks organised and always get things done on time.

Task Management Software Buying Guide

The importance of a task management software is known to all, and that is why a new software is launched every day. With many options out there, it can get difficult to finalise a software that is going to work for you. 

If you are looking for the best opinion, then this place is the best for you. Here is a complete buying guide for you that will help you in narrowing down the right task team management software for your company.

Realise your requirements

Firstly, you have to see what your requirements are and what do you actually expect out of task management software. For this, consider the size of your business, whether it is a small, medium or a large-sized business. 

Every corporation has its own needs, so it is nearly impossible for any software to fit all business sizes. Even if you are an individual and find it really tough to manage your tasks, then you should opt for this software. 

Since some businesses have complex problems to deal with, you may require a wide range of features. In contrast, other businesses that function simply may not require such advanced features. 

This is why it is important to understand your requirements before finalizing any one software. If you have a small team, then you can opt for software that offers simple features like a to-do list, or you can go for a full-fledged application.

Issue Tracking

The most important factors while choosing a task management software are the issue tracking and risk assessment. Promising software offers you professional tools to track bugs if any. You can check the status of the bugs, the ones that are open and the ones that are resolved.

Look for features that let you assign a priority level so that you know which issues are the most important. You do not know what the future beholds so be prepared for such events with Risk assessment. 

Users can also link particular tasks with their risks to track them quickly. If the software offers you a search bar, then you can save a lot of time by simply searching for the desired risks. 

With issue tracking and risk assessment, you can get a heads up on the events as the software analyzes them all for you in advance. Such features in software assist you in the decision making process.

Real-time Communication

Do not force your team members to be active on several applications to converse properly. It gets time-consuming and also creates a lot of confusion. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was only one software where you and your team could discuss projects and manage tasks?

Whether someone got a lead on any task or cracked a long-pending chore, you can instantly get updates on your software. That is why you should look for task management software that features real-time communication. 

Most of the software provides you with an instant messenger which allows you to connect with your team. No matter where you or your workers are, the messenger works just fine irrespective of your geographic location. With such a smooth feature, there is going to be no room for misunderstandings. 

Timecard Submission

After you are done creating and assigning tasks to your team, it is vital that you see how much time you spent on various tasks. Look for a time card submission in the software that you are going to opt for. 

With this feature, your team can submit the number of hours spent on a particular task and the number of hours that are remaining. This is a more organized way for both the managers as well as the workers. 

Timecard submission will enable your team to finish all the tasks in the given deadline. Also, see that your software provides you with prebuilt email notification templates. 

Whenever the actions are done on the targeted tasks, an email will be sent out. All you have to do is select the template and you are done.

Customizable Workflows

Another important feature that the task management software must-have is a customizable workflow. Sometimes creating a task does not dispel all the confusions as it may be more complex. In such situations, the software comes to your rescue as it lets you create sub-tasks and even sub-tasks of these sub-tasks. 

The software is of your use only if it adapts to your requirements accordingly. Categorise the tasks into different types and also make different rules, permissions as well as operations for them. 

Adding estimates and work progress next to every task will give a clear view to the employees. Set priority status and give a label to all the tasks for better organization. 

Also, if the software provides colour customization, then you can colour code the tasks to make things visually appealing. See to it that the task manager allows you to add notes as well as tags to the tasks.

Organizing and Editing

There can be several changes even after creating a task, so ensure that the editing process is not too complicated. Some features enable you to determine the tasks that are enduring schedule overrun or estimate inflation. 

See if you can compare actuals for continuous process improvement. All the employees working on the same task can share their views, comment or add discussions to it for a promising overall result. Along with this, tasks can be grouped into various folders, so it gets easy to find them when you need them. 

Managers can put a certain time limit for the project, and the employees can compare them. Employee monitoring software with such features enhances the productivity of your team members and motivates them to do better. 

Plus, notifications are extremely important as your employees should be instantly notified that a new task is assigned to them. It also notifies you when the tasks are completed, or a deadline is arriving.

Flexibility of the Software

What good is the software if you cannot figure out how to use it? Ensure that it has a simple user interface as the sole purpose of task management software. It is to streamline things and not complicate them. 

Most of the software arrives with tutorials or documentation on how to use them, enabling you to understand the functioning quickly. Moreover, see to it that the software is integrated with your systems and also with the other software solutions that you use. 

Promising task management software provides you with central storage to store all of your documents in one place itself. For a smoother functioning, you can opt for services that let the workers assign tasks to themselves without waiting for any authority to set it up for them. Not only should the software be easy to use but also flexible in nature.

Additional Features

Apart from planning, scheduling and prioritization, the security of software is also important. Carefully read the terms of the software to see what are their measures to protect your company’s information. 

Elements like calendar and reminder add to the integrity of the software. Look for a service that offers you a mobile application so you can have access to the work whenever you wish to. 

You can also see the statistics to see how often the members are logging in to the task management software and if it is affecting their productivity or not. 

Before opting for any service, read the verified customer reviews to check its credibility. Also, if you are the company owner, then you can have access to all of the data. 

However, you can limit it to your employees and give permission only for the tasks that they are currently working on. This will not only maintain your privacy but will also not overburden your employees. If you ask us about a few best task management softwares, we would recommend working with Team Work or Monday.

Final Words

This was all about choosing the perfect task management software for you. Compare different services and narrow down at least three options before finalizing one. Avail the benefits of the software and increase the productivity of your company.

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