Best Proxies for Web Scraping

Ultimately generates IP encryption technology to every web server through the web scraping proxies with unparalleled speed.

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  • Self-service dashboard for convenient usage
  • Online sales intelligence technology services
  • Advanced backup system with high-level profiles
  • Unblockable proxies for reducing throttlings
  • Read-to-go tool crawl website for audit purpose
  • SEO-friendly site for high ranking online business
  • Automated data intelligence technology
  • Fastest response time for quality services
  • Copyright infringements functionality prevent malware
  • Residential IPS connectivity for long sessions
  • Fully integration support with remote access
  • Best for beginners and personal usage
  • Offer 99.9% guarantee of data collection services
  • Fully customized IP geolocation, header, request type
  • reliable proxy with 100Mb/s unlimited speed
  • Quality encrypted proxy to hide IP addresses
  • Unmetered blazing fast for seamless accessibility
  • Compatible with mobile, tablet, and computer devices
  • Online encrypted software technology for SMBs
  • Redundant infrastructure with worldwide location
  • Perfect IP address protection proxy for business usage
  • Simple and quick integration with IP port method
  • Enjoy premium and personal support services
  • undetectable anonymity internet connection
  • High-quality HTTP/S and Socks protocols
  • Error-free scraping and high posting server
  • Multiple subnets with high anonymous proxies
  • Unmetered and residential proxy server facility
  • Enables sticky and flexible proxies sessions
  • integrated with HTTP and SOCKS4 protocols

Complete Guide To Buy Proxies For Web Scraping


When we enter a website, we go there to view a product or seek some information relating to a product or a service. Never have we ever thought about the data or information linked to it. All websites have numerous amounts of data and are where Web Scraping comes to your rescue. The proxies for Web Scraping help in providing secure and safe access to all kinds of data. This helps you in making better decisions for making any purchase.

What is Web Scraping?

Web Scraping is the process of extracting data and information from a website, which is imported on to a new format. Mostly, say data from any website like, for example, the Youtube Server is extracted, and reviews and feedback regarding a particular video/videos can be obtained.

Usually, Web Scraping is considered to be an automated process that is done through software, but sometimes it can be done manually as well. To save time and money, the best possible solution would be to use the software for Web Scraping. Moreover, Web Scraping can also be used to unlock and understand the value of various websites. To help understand the product better, there is a lot of information listed below.

Power-packed Benefits Of Web Scraping

Lead Generation

Let us take an example to understand this concept. Now, for instance, you are working for a company that distributes furniture for homes to retailers. When you use Web Scraping, you would be interested in creating a database or a spreadsheet with information about a retailer that sells furniture in the city. To boost your marketing campaign, the first thing you need is to lead. The leads' requirement is in bulk ranging from hundreds to thousands of phone numbers, addresses, email ids, etc. With the help of Web Scraping, one can extract this data accurately. It is done quickly and easily. You can get it in a CSV format that can then be used for further processing. It can also be integrated with the sales aspect of your business.

Competitor Analysis

Let's take another example to throw light upon this point. Now, for instance, you are looking to start your e-commerce website for selling clothes online. The best way would be to build a database of similar product listings that could give you useful insights and analysis as to how to position your products and price them. You could easily scrape from websites like Amazon and even Instagram proxy servers for clothing to building a competitor's products database. The edge that you want against your competitors can be created through web scraping wherein you can squeeze the date from multiple sources and use it for analyzing what your competition is doing—the faster the software and the Smart Proxy for Web Scraping, the better the competitive analysis.

Statistical Analysis

The process of Web Scraping can also be used for statistical analysis. Meaning you could use the web scraper to extract the prices of goods from specific companies regularly and see how that particular/brand or industry is performing. It could also give you a full statistical analysis like scraping stock stats to understand the market or sports stats that can help create your fantasy leagues.

Price Monitoring

Whenever you look at a business, you always analyze the price it sells its products or services at. To succeed in any area, you have to keep a tab on your competition's pricing strategy, especially. With the use of web scraping for pricing data, you can decide and fix your pricing. Web Scraping is surprisingly quite helpful in terms of price monitoring against its competitors. Price is one of the most critical factors taken into account for businesses in e-commerce, especially. All e-commerce businesses like to keep track of their competitor's prices to get a strategic advantage. It is not only done once. The prices and the strategies keep changing according to different times, and it is good to get real-time updates on the costs. With the help of Web Scraping, you can scrape the prices regularly and at the same time, keep track of the competitor's strategies.

Fetching Images and Product Description

Web scraping helps with automating the process of using images as well as their product description and use them for websites of your own or the ones you are working with. For the running of e-commerce websites, this step is mandatory. It also helps with social media scraping for understanding the sentiments of users and analyzing them. You could again scrape for archival purposes. For research purposes, scraping is the best idea that can be easily applied. For comparison-shopping, to know your competitors, scraping is a great concept. You can even scrape your website before any website migration.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Scrape Website

Let's now take you through the process of Web Scraping. For example, let's take any website, Amazon, and look for the term 'masks'. For this particular example, we will be looking at the product name, the listing URL, the price, the review, and the image URL.

  • Download and open ParseHub. Next, click on the new project and paste the Amazon URL that has been selected. The website will now be imported and rendered inside the app.
  • Browse through the listings and then click on the product name of the initial search result.
  • The name of the product will be highlighted in the colour green. Next, click on the second product name to select all the listings, and now all the products will be highlighted in green.
  • You can then rename your selection as per your choice. The software will now extract the product name and the URL. Next, command it to tell the price of the product.
  • Click on the '+' sign next to the product selection and choose the Relative Select command. Also, click on the product name and then the price. An arrow will pop up to connect to data points.
  • Rename the selection again. Repeat the process until you've managed to achieve all the specs you were looking for.


Web scraping is quite a powerful technique and helps extract data that can be used in many ways. The data extracted is clean that can help grow your business and lead you to the potential of unlimited growth. So start exploring the Scraper API to understand the process of extracting data and information, which later will help to create an edge over your competitors and will also help in understanding your business better.