Best Plagiarism Checker For Android Devices

Android devices support infringement free results to assure the documents, articles from duplication projects.

By Customer Feedback

  • Comprehensive feedback on the quality of content
  • Writing style assistance
  • Tone detector for better readability
  • Automatic text rephrasing
  • Preliminary grading for your writing
  • Check readability & grammar
  • 100% free and reliable plagiarism detector
  • Allow security to inspect online data
  • Best for content writers
  • Implement advanced techniques for best results
  • Input file formats as RTF, GIF, DOCX, etc
  • Analyses text with unique algorithm
  • Plagiarism checker avoid copying data
  • Scan content and grammatical errors
  • Simple and effective online plagiarism checker
  • Analyses keywords position
  • Perfect for employees, businessmen
  • Backlink tool gives a link profile
  • Detection tool updates accurate results
  • Allow scanning academic paper, assignments for plagiarism text
  • Duplicate checker improve SEO, visibility, and readership
  • Instant content compares with 20 billion sources
  • Ability to search content all over the internet
  • Ideal for webmasters
  • Color grade to spot exact match
  • Comprehensive plagiarism percentage scores
  • Deepsearch technology
  • Helps to check duplicate content
  • Best for teachers
  • Documents saved in HTML, PDF, EPUB
  • Access through Google voice
  • Over 60 countries are using high-speed plagiarism tool
  • Analyse keyword density ratio
  • Best for Digital Marketers, journalists
  • Available in English, Spanish, German and more languages

How to Choose the Best Plagiarism Checker for Android Devices?


We live in a world where the internet plays a major part in our lives,  either for work, entertainment or gathering any information. With millions of active users every day, almost everything we do is through the internet. Whether using social media or gathering knowledge, all our daily needs are satisfied by what we read online. With tons of posts online it's not new that the original ideas are becoming rarer to find with everyone copying the same ideas and claiming it to be their own. By this, the writers are not getting the proper credit they deserve. So, to overcome this plagiarism problem, we have highlighted some of the best online Plagiarism Checkers.

Power-Packed Features Of Plagiarism Checker

There are multiple apps available for both IOS and Android for you to download, but many apps may not have all the necessary features that you may need. Some fail to show you the exact results and are not able to detect plagiarism, some may not be safe in terms of security and some others might be too slow to work. So, we will help you to choose the best Plagiarism Checker app that will get the job done easily for you without any loss of the document and quality.


There are plenty of Plagiarism Checker for publishers available on play store or online to work on but some of them lack safety and security. Always download the app from a trusted website and not from any third party sources. Not all the apps are safe to work on while on the internet; some may steal your data or may destroy your document while copying and pasting your document.

Payment for Subscription

While searching through the web, you will stumble upon various apps that will ask you to take a subscription before using the app as some of the free apps provide limited checks per day. Some apps, whether free or paid, come with an unlimited number of searches per day. While it is common to have fewer features on a non-paid app as compared to a paid app, the best deal doesn't need to come from a subscription. So, do a thorough search first before downloading the best Plagiarism Checker app.

Multi-file Formats And Sharing

While working as an editor or a writer you will have to write or work in multiple file formats. So, a good plagiarism app must support all the formats such as doc, HTML, Docx, txt, pdf, etc. As the features make it easy for you to convert and check the file instead of copy and pasting lengthy documents from the website to the website. The app should also be able to share or download the file in multi formats.

Highlight The Result

One of the most important features of the best Plagiarism Checker app is to quickly identify the plagiarised part and highlight it with different colors so that the viewer may get an idea that the content has been taken from somewhere else. The app should be able to find all the copy-paste parts quickly so that it saves time for the editor or the teacher who is checking it. The app should also mention the websites where it thinks the line may have been taken and show a percentage graph of the number of plagiarized parts in the article.

Smart Checking

Check out the edubirdie plagiarism checker  app is smart and include features like automatically detecting grammatical errors, punctuations, style, and choice of words. These plagiarism app should be able to correct all the mistakes that it finds and show you the best results of words for constructing the sentence.

Citation Checker

Some plagiarism checkers apps are specially designed for academic writers. They come with citation detection features. Through this, the plagiarism checkers locate the citations of academic and research articles incorporated by the writer.

Android Compatibility

With continuous development in applications, changes are made and developments are brought in. With new developments, these apps require higher versions of your Android devices to work soundly. However, there are some apps which are compatible with older versions of Android as well. While choosing the Plagiarism Checker app for your device, make sure that the app will function properly on your device. You can also read the description of the app to check it's suitability.


These were our suggestions on how to find the best free Plagiarism Checker apps available both for android mobiles and tablets, which can help you to detect any plagiarism online whether you are a student, writer or editor. The apps like grammarly plagiarism checker can reduce your workload if chosen wisely. While user-interface and easy-to-use features are other important aspects to look for, these features are a must. We hope that our article allows how to find the best Plagiarism Checker for android devices to you.