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Plagiarism detecting tools allows quick and deep searching terminologies, citation generator for all writers.

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  • Eliminate writing punctuation errors
  • Basic grammatical errors elimination
  • Consistent spelling and punctuation checking
  • Helps to detects plagiarism in 190+ languages
  • Does not store any uploaded content
  • Automatic article rewriter and grammar check
  • Supports RTF, XLS, ODT and FB2 formats
  • Provides 50 scans for duplicate content per each day
  • Easy and simple navigations
  • Supports several file formats like .doc and .txt
  • Grammar and spelling checker with a cloud-based system
  • Real-time analysis with proofreaders
  • Suggests correction and automated scorings
  • Vocabulary builder with fast processing
  • Upload file from computer or dropbox
  • Shows unique content with the percentage
  • Ability to compare the duplicate with original content
  • Checks plagiarism by URL and rewriting of plagiarised content
  • Fast and free plagiarism detection tool
  • Uses 20+ million academic works and database for plagiarism
  • Instant reports in PDF formats
  • Unlimited checking volume with multiple documents
  • Upload 1000 characters at a time
  • Institutional accounts for multiple users
  • Analyze content through text, URL, and file
  • Multiple files uploading with paid versions
  • Well suited for educational and business purposes
  • Automated and customized content scan
  • Secured SSL encryption connection
  • 256-bit SSL encryption mechanism
  • User-friendly interface with the latest technology
  • Separate plans for schools and high-grade colleges
  • Seamless LMS integrations with canvas and moodle etc.,
  • Bulk file checking with open API
  • Fully encrypted data files
  • Available as google extensions
  • Search across 40B+ web sources and open databases
  • JSON editor, formatter and validator tools
  • Broken link and backlink checker
  • Article rewriter with spell check
  • Editing tool of video to GIF converter

Online Free Plagiarism Checker Software Features and Pricing 


Plagiarism is stealing or copying someone else's content. When someone copies your language and thoughts and claims it to be their own original idea, it is plagiarism. Plagiarism checker allows you to see if your text has similarities to some other content already available on the Internet. The best plagiarism checker can detect if the text is copy-pasted. Plagiarism can be done accidentally or on purpose.

What are the Types of Plagiarism Checkers Online

Let us have a look at some common types of plagiarism!

Structural Plagiarism 

In this type of plagiarism, the writer rewrites the original content. He or she may add a few lines of his own. Also, shuffling of words and adding new words can be done. This is still plagiarism as the content and thoughts do not completely belong to the writer. 

Self Plagiarism 

When a writer copies his own content from one of his previous works, then it is Self-plagiarism. The language and thoughts maybe his own. However, using the same content in several works is plagiarism.

There are other types of Plagiarism like accidental, paraphrasing, direct and multi-sourced. 

There is various plagiarism checker software available. Plagiarism Software has different tools to check the originality of a document. If you are a student then you can use basic software. There are free plagiarism checkers available that are best for educational purposes. Then there is advanced plagiarism software that is used for commercial use. 

Free Plagiarism Software

As the name suggests itself, plagiarisma plagiarism checker can be used without any investment. You can install the plagiarism software on your mobile or your computer. This can be used for proofreading your work. For students, this is a great option. You can check your content and your thesis with this software. Also, teachers can use this to see if the students have done the assignment themselves or it is copied. 

Some essays demand a certain percentage of the original content. 5-10 percent of plagiarism is allowed. Since some words and facts are the same and cannot be avoided. But the rest of the content should be original. 

What are the Limitations of Free Plagiarism Checker? 


Suppose a certain text is translated from Hindi to English. In such cases, the software may consider the translated content as original. It will show that no plagiarism prevails. 


Free plagiarism checkers have a restricted number of languages. They can only check and proofread in those inbuilt languages. 


Some words, facts and popular sayings cannot be changed. They have to be used as they are. For instance, the laws of motion cannot be rewritten in any other way. They are stated exactly the same in every textbook and also on websites. This is not considered plagiarism. But a free plagiarism checker will show errors in such data. 

Main Features of a Good Plagiarism Checker Software 

Speed and Reliability 

The data should be checked in a few seconds or minutes depending upon the length of it. It should give accurate results that are reliable. 

Detection of Different Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism checkers should detect all types of plagiarism. Be it paraphrasing, structural or accidental plagiarism, the software should detect them all. The ones copying your work may smartly shuffle the words and try to make it original. But your plagiarism software should detect these smart techniques. 


Some plagiarism checkers provide you with storage. You can save your data and the results obtained. This may help you in the future. If you lose your content then this database will act as a backup.

Original source

If there is plagiarism in any text then plagiarism checkers will give you the link to its original source. You can visit the original links and then make the required changes in your data. 

Accessibility And Requirements 

Choose software that is easily accessible. Almost all good plagiarism checkers can be installed on PC or cell phones. See if the software meets your requirements and promises to give you the desired results. 

Why do you need Plagiarism checker software? 

Copyright Issues 

If you upload your content without checking it then you may face copyright issues. To be on a safer side, use plagiarism checker software. 

Emphasizing The Plagiarism 

You can always see what part of your content matches some other text. Plagiarism checker software highlights the text that is identical. 


In some educational institutions, plagiarism is mandatory. Along with your thesis or your assignments, you have to submit a copy of the results of your plagiarism checker. This ensures that your content is original. 

Error-free Data 

Plagiarism checker software also points out your grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This software proofreads your data and makes it error-free. You can then save these changes and store the data. 

Checking Of Papers 

Many universities in India use plagiarism checker software to examine the answer sheets. It becomes easier for them to see the percentage of original content present. 

Final Words 

Grammarly plagiarism checker will check not only the plagiarist content but also corrects the grammatical and technical mistakes to improve the efficiency with advanced and encrypted technologies. For reliable and simple use of plagiarism checker software, drop the articles in any format to compare results, terminate the copied content and perform corrections with instant progress reports.

Few more Plagiarism checker for Android and Apple Plagiarism checker also available on the web for easy access. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism is copying or stealing someone’s work and claiming it to be your own. It can be done intentionally or unintentionally; either way, it is a severe offence. Copying someone else’s original idea, text, image or video without their permission comes under Plagiarism

What Plagiarism checker is suitable for universities?

Turnitin is the most suitable Plagiarism checker used by the universities, colleges, schools. 

How does Plagiarism Software work?

Plagiarism software helps in checking if the content is original or not. They search for similar ideas or text that is available on the web and let you know the percentage of plagiarized content and original content.

Can I download the plagiarism tool on the desktop?

Yes, you can download plagiarism tools on your desktop. With the availability of various software, you can choose either free plagiarism tools as well as the ones which come with a subscription.

Does plagiarism checker software give accurate results?

Accuracy depends on which software you are using - some detects plagiarism, whereas some can check for patchwork too. However, there are a few duplicate software that fails to examine the text in detail. 

What formats does plagiarism checker tool support?

You can also upload files from the device that you are using or paste the website URL. Moreover, TXT, HTML, DOC, RTF, DOCX, PDF, ODT, EPUB and PDB file formats are supported by most of the plagiarism checker tools.

Which is the best plagiarism checker tool for students?

Unicheck is the best plagiarism checker tool for students during the project submissions. It is easy to use, and breaks down lengthy texts into small ones for ultimate accuracy. 

How to check duplicate content on my website?

There are numerous top plagiarism checkers available to analyze the text you wish to publish on your website. Some of the tools are free that let you check the content. If anything similar to your text is already published, then you will know it beforehand. 

What language does Plagiarism software work with?

This factor entirely depends on the plagiarism software that you are working with. Some software offers to work in more than 100 languages while some work with less. Moreover, English is a universal language worldwide, so all the plagiarism checkers work with it.

How to protect my data against online Plagiarism?

Firstly, publish a copyright warning which states all the terms and conditions. Let the visitor know that your permission is required if your data is being copied otherwise; you can take legal action. Also, disable the data from being downloaded or copied.