Best Plagiarism Checker For Apple Devices

Compares millions of sources and websites globally through Apple devices, before publishing content to overcome Copyright issues.

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  • Check plagiarism on images, text, PDF or URL
  • Compatible with a phone for cloud storage
  • Ad-free content duplication checker
  • Ideal for professional SEO experts
  • Next level technology for real-time results
  • OCR technique for plagiarism checking
  • Natural language processing
  • Instant plagiarism checking software
  • Allows for bulk checks for essay and researchers at once
  • Cloud-based authentication platform
  • Separate business plagiarism segment for SEO agencies
  • Scans files and physical papers
  • Accessibility with .doc, .txt and .PDF files
  • Checks multiple phrases at once
  • Checking of plagiarized content in the live web page
  • Google alerts for your content against plagiarism
  • Detection technology for plagiarism detection
  • SEO plagiarism checker for website content
  • Natural language processing algorithms for analysis reports
  • Spelling grammar and plagiarism checking
  • Word count targeting with patent-pending technology
  • Rephasing analysis and contextual rewording
  • Intelligent algorithm for instant correction

Everything you Need to Know about Plagiarism Checker for Apple Devices

In school, we would copy off our friends' homework, with little consequence. But in the corporate world, copying someone's homework is a little more serious. Plagiarism is copying someone's work and claiming it to be yours. It is unethical and can have grave consequences leading up to legal actions that may crumble your reputation and ultimately, the business you represent.

When you research a topic, you may come across relevant information that you want to add in your document. You have to check this information and present it in your way, which can be a daunting task. Despite taking care of all these precautions, you are still not sure whether it has plagiarism or not. It can be solved by a software called 'Plagiarism Checker' which checks instances of plagiarism within a document over several websites, books, journals or papers- everything that has made a place on the internet.

Amazing Features Of Plagiarism Checker Software

As more and more companies are producing content, plagiarism checker apps are becoming more plentiful. While this gives you a wide range of options to choose from, many subpar tools make claims of being 'best online plagiarism checker 2020'. Selecting one of these would have adverse effects on your company. But how would you decide if a plagiarism software can fulfil your needs? Well, there are a few features that you should keep an eye out.

File Import

When using a plagiarism checker, you don't want to have to continuously copy and paste your content into the software to have it checked. Instead, every good plagiarism checker must have an option to upload your validating files. They must also offer many different file types that can be scanned.

Comprehensive Report

You should expect your plagiarism checkers to highlight the exact areas of detected plagiarisms. Many tools generate a score and call it quits. Others may take it a step further and show you where they detected copied material in your text. But the best plagiarism checkers will produce the score, highlight the area and ideally take you to the website or document that your text seems to be copied.
Large Databases

The internet is a vast chasm of data. The plagiarism detector of your choice must be able to scan millions of directories throughout the internet and find out any similarities. Without extensive research, the application may miss something, causing you to publish plagiarized content.

Downloadable App

Sometimes you're late for a meeting, but don't have time to send in your assignment. In this case, you would want a plagiarism detection application that you can download onto your phone. With it, you can work on the go. There are free plagiarism checkers, but quality service comes at a price. The best free plagiarism checker may pale in comparison to the paid ones. Still, you can choose the plagiarism checker free download options for a cost-effective experience.

Platform Independence

If you're looking for an enterprise-grade plagiarism detector, you must have one that can encompass all different operating systems that your teams use. You may need a plagiarism checker for an android tablet, but your colleague may have an apple device. So, whether it's a plagiarism checker for apple or android, it should work flawlessly.

Spell/Grammar Check

When using a plagiarism detector, you will generally want it spell-checked. Having a plagiarism detector that can do this for you can be a huge time saver. It is also less resource-intensive since a single app performs the functions of multiple apps.

Image Recognition

This is a huge leap in technology. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered image processing algorithms, we are now able to scan and read text from images. By reading text from images, we can also run it through a plagiarism detector and find out if it is plagiarized.


Writing content is a very common thing in the corporate world. But publishing something from someone else without giving them the proper credit is a punishable offence. Plagiarism detection software is your key to avoiding such a crime. So, next time you write something, make sure to run it through a plagiarism detector. This can help create the best, original content you can make.