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Automate manual event management tasks and eliminate time-consuming process in planning events with Digital Event Management Platforms.

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  • Self management event ticketing system
  • Easiest and affordable digital event organizer
  • Highly secured payment gateways
  • Online-based event registration tools
  • Marketing platform for hybrid events
  • Mobile friendly event organiser
  • Advanced features designed for training classes
  • Effective tools for conferences and meeting schedules
  • Virtual and interactive planning software
  • Custom marketers and planners to manage
  • Automates and simplifies planning process
  • Cloud-based management solution
  • Comprehensive and latest technology event platform
  • Integrated with conference marketing plan
  • Customized mobile conference apps
  • Leading platform with management features and tools
  • Professional online event management software
  • Digital platform for virtual event programs
  • Integrated solution maximizes impact of events
  • Easy to use mobile event apps
  • Management system with ticketing software
  • Engages long-lasting relationships with customers
  • Provides marketing plans for social media promotions
  • Automated event management platform
  • Designed with management solutions
  • Organization platform for all kinds of events
  • Delivers end to end services and customer support
  • Event organizer for business developments
  • Fully customized event tool kit
  • Popular program guides and accelerates management skills
  • Event dashboard with guest tracking features
  • RVSP security options gives enhanced support
  • Powerful platform simplifies event planning
  • Innovative online management tools
  • Modern and holistic event platform
  • Provides live video-streaming features
  • Creates marketing programs for business
  • Enables exceptional event experiences
  • Faster and flexible event organizer
  • Beautiful event marketing platform
  • Virtual event programming features
  • Sophisticated event marketing templates
  • Management software with facial recognition check-in
  • Monitors real-time attendee statistics
  • Secured cashless payments and guest list tracking
  • Enables event feedback and lead collection
  • Beautiful event management technology
  • Effective designs for event planning
  • Event platform designed for corporates
  • Mobile app upgrades user experience
  • Smart ecosystem for complex events
  • Virtual hub effectively plans events
  • Event portfolio manages attendees
  • Strengthens bond between business officials
  • Automation software for live events
  • Cloud-based event management solution
  • Personalized organizing system
  • Strategic marketing channel for business
  • Innovative tools eliminates time consuming tasks
  • Cutting edge event planning tools

Guide to Purchase Functional Event Management Platforms


Do you have the ambition to make it big in the event management arena? If you are more than willing to give this career a go, you would certainly require professional help and technological expertise. This is where robust Event Management Software can come in handy as it would empower you towards making better decisions in business services. Needless to say, an event management platform is one tool that automates every aspect of event planning. These include handling event analytics, sending invites, creating tickets, and whatnot.

Most importantly, event management software comes across as a convenient solution for most companies. Besides helping streamline and customize select services, the best event management platforms also can make way for a paperless future.

Features to Look for in Top Event Management Software

If you are look for a Option to Register and Initiate Ticket Sales

An excellent event management tool features a dedicated platform, capable of managing and planning events. It is essential to look out for event ticketing features followed by cohesive registration pages. The likes of eventzilla and other potent event management platforms come equipped with forms that allow online registrations. Moreover, other functions include real-time analytics concerning sales and customer buying behavior, which subsequently supports ticket sales.

Landing Page Creator

Event management platforms also offer support for building landing pages and functional websites. This helps event managers make decent first impressions and get hold of genuine leads. Not every platform offers these features as these are exclusive of high-end platforms like eventbrite business service and more. Accessory features include customizable designs, unique templates, and landing page elements.

Contact Management

Potent event management tools include features related to automation, email marketing, and other forms of contact management. These include elements related to event planning, personalized organizations, customizable email patterns, reminders, usable contact data, and insights into the email open frequencies.

Event Networking and Applications

An essential feature that most event management platforms offer is the ability to connect with attendees, conduct round table conferences, and even create applications for general usage. Here is one feature that comes handy during periods of restricted access where you can still plan without having to worry about attendance.

Statistics and Reports

If you are planning to purchase event management software, you must check for the data handling capabilities of the same. In the case of management platforms, analytics and insights are everything. Therefore, a top event management tool will include mathematical ideas, reporting capabilities, live polling support, and Q&A sessions.

Venue Sourcing

This event management feature includes property comparisons, proposal requests, the inclusion of notes, photos, and streamlining communication between vendors. This feature also tracks the event budget and cuts additional expenses.

Diagramming Solutions

Specific platforms bring diagramming solutions in the mix, which typically includes integrated event management templates, potent 3D designers, insight into the seating plans for particular events, and the downloading aspect of the same.


Badge printing is a time-consuming aspect of event management. Therefore, there are quite a few event management platforms that come with the badging and onsite check-in feature for the planners to make use of. Here is one elusive feature that makes way for that exceptional first impression.

Customizability of Top Event Management Tools

Most top event management platforms offer extensive levels of customizability regarding online branding solutions and applications. For example, if you have an event lined up, you can promote the same in the best possible manner, using a robust management platform. This includes making way for custom URLs, branding select software, and even plugging the platform with third-party software units.

Moreover, these platforms are easy to customize as they mostly include the options to embed videos, images, add colors, and even pair brand logos along. The customizability quotient is unique in the case of event management platforms, and planners do not need developers to make progress.

Last but not least, the option to customize extends across the email marketing aspects of the event management tools. Planners can add some elements to the emails or throw in a few CTAs to make the process more actionable.

Benefits Of Event Management Software

While there are quite a few perks of using event management software, we shall look at the most impactful ones, from an entrepreneurial point of view:

Scheduling Appointments With Ease

As event management platforms are well-connected, they allow planners to manage staff, pre-booking meetings with prospects and even track the final attendee count.

Better Event Tracking

If you are new to the event management business, you would want to improve with each passing day. Platforms like the ones mentioned above would allow you to track insights like data filters, comparison reports, audience segmentation, aggregation, session data, and more— for bettering subsequent events.

Improved Shareability

Event management software covers multiple bases and helps businesses market the events better. The social integrations make way for better and widespread sharing, whereas the app and website customizations are handy towards guaranteeing better outreach. Moreover, most platforms streamline attendees and even offer applications that are compatible with multiple platforms.

Are the Event Management Tools Flexible?

In most cases, the top event management tools are incredibly flexible as they support multiple platforms, devices, and even make way for third-party feature integrations. Moreover, these platforms are open for configuration and usage across diverse industry verticals. This means that regardless of the size and spread of your event, the management tools are fit for usage.

Pricing Options

Besides free event management software for nonprofits that still pack in a lot of essential features, there are strategically priced management tools that offer value for money. Whatever be the price point on display, these tools make sure that event planners are always one step ahead of their competition.

However, before purchasing, you should segregate the preferences, overall event budget, and requirement of additional features, if any. This would allow you to come up with the best price estimates.

Post-Sales Support

Event planning is a tricky process, and even if you have a self-explanatory management tool in place, customer support and online support is always desired. While most of these software units are packed with features, companies usually offer round the clock technical support to the planners. The entire professional support system also extends to analytics, reporting, and availability of an online co-working space for the whole team to connect.


If you are an event planner, going solo isn’t the way to succeed. Instead, you must invest in the more powerful and event management platforms. These platforms can empower and amplify your event planning business in a host of rewarding ways. Be it using the marketing aspect of the concerned tools or deploying the same for planning the event seat arrangement, a functional tool has you covered at all times.

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