Best Emulators For Android

Emulators provide a great range of key-mapping, AI engines and plugins for superior performance, supporting Android devices.

By Customer Feedback

  • Creates macros for repetitive tasks
  • Best android emulator for designers
  • Convenient and easy navigation system
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Best android emulator for AMD processor
  • Platform-specific capabilities of android-fragments
  • More stable and superior experience
  • Compatible with all test automation tools
  • Visualization technology for better performance
  • Custom Control with keyboard and mouse
  • Multi-instance for playing games simultaneously
  • Improves performance with high-FPS and graphics
  • Compatible with various buttons
  • Quicksave options with a double tap
  • Advanced synchronization mechanism for devices
  • Supports desktop and table version UI
  • Virtualization option with keyboard setting
  • Additional security options and features with updates
  • Allows to customize sounds and layouts
  • Virtual controller through wifi control
  • Best android emulator for app development
  • Full set of hardware sensors
  • Best android emulator for business
  • Simulates every imaginable scenario
  • Best android emulator for Chromebook
  • Stunning graphics with 3D rendering effects
  • Increased vertical sensitivity for better performance
  • Supports SMC, SFC, and 7z ROM’s formats
  • Allows to save and transfer games in SD cards
  • In-game audio renderings and bluetooth audio routings