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Get Timely dosage reminder for medicines with advanced alert systems and tamper-resistant features from the Automated Pill Dispensers.

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  • Automatic pill dispenser reminds dosage times
  • Perfect medical dispenser for alzheimer patients
  • Touchscreen and WiFi enabled monitoring system
  • SMS and email medicine alert system
  • Personalized settings and 24 hour backup feature
  • Tamper resistance health care assistant
  • Easy programmable settings
  • Integrated padlock system for security
  • Enhanced medicine alarms for patients
  • Automatic dosage reminder for memory loss patients
  • Designed with innovative medicine alert system
  • Programmable medicine settings
  • Easy medicine organization feature
  • Automatic and ideal pill dispenser
  • Easy medicine refillable features
  • Durable and reliable medication tray
  • Buzzer indication medicine reminder
  • Motorized 28 slot carousel
  • Delivers Timely Medicine
  • Audible and visual alerts upto 30 min
  • High Capacity Slots stores upto 18 pills
  • Fully automatic medicine dispenser
  • Secures medicines from thefts
  • Pre-programmed medicine alert system
  • Robust medication docking station
  • Tamper resistant pill dispenser
  • Ensures medication patient in time
  • Effectively reminds with sound and light
  • Advanced technology medicine reminder
  • Designed for amnesia patients
  • Assure timely dosage for patients
  • Provides layers of security for medicines
  • Automatic circular pill dispenser
  • Effective medication alert system
  • Helps patients to take in time dosages
  • Smart medication management system
  • Loud alarm reminder for patients
  • Circular dispenser holds multiple medications
  • Lockable medical dispenser
  • Reminds accurate dosage times

A Detailed Guide To Choose Automatic Pill Dispenser

Automatic pill dispensers remind and provide patients with their medicines, not forget to take their medication or intake the wrong dosage. In case you find it difficult to follow your prescription, this is the perfect machine for your Medical and Health Care.

According to a survey, nearly 75% of patients do not take their medication correctly, with the majority being senior citizens. Even with the help of a pill organizer, they either forget to take the doses or overdose.

Another study found that non-obedience to prescriptions leads to more than 125,000 deaths per year and upwards of $300 billion wasted in medical costs. This could be avoided with a bit of adherence to your prescriptions. Despite knowing this, medical professionals turn a blind eye to it, allowing their patients to be lenient with their medication. Automated pill dispensers are medical instruments that help you stick to your prescribed routine.

Features to Look For Buying An Automatic Pill Dispenser

Automatic pill cases can be quite costly. When purchasing one, you would want to make the most of your investment. Here is a list of what to look for when buying an automatic pill dispenser:

Accessible To Use

Some of these pill dispensers may be challenging to re-stock. Make sure it's simple to use. Senior citizens are generally the ones most affected by incorrect doses, and many are not well acquainted with the technology. So they need easy to use equipment with straight-forward instructions for patients.

Alarm System

Confirm that your automated pillbox can notify you every time you need to take a pill. Many patients need to take medications at various times a day. Patients suffering from hearing or vision impairment may even need special reminders. Some automatic pillboxes even can send a message or call your phone rather than buzzing. So before purchasing your automatic pill case, check the type of notification system it has, considering your needs.


You may not always be at home when you are supposed to take your medication. In this case, you’d have to carry it around with you. So, you should look for a battery-operated pill dispenser in an online store for medical instruments. Since those that need to stay plugged in can not be moved around, also, a bulky machine can be challenging to carry, so look for a compact and lightweight device when buying one. That way, you can be sure never to miss your medicine even when you are on the road.

Machine Programming

Your device will need to be initially programmed according to your prescription. Some machines need to be reprogrammed after replacing batteries. Sometimes your doctors program the machine for you. In this case, you have a device that needs reprogramming after every battery replacement can be a hassle. Check if the machine’s program stays saved even when changing its batteries.


If your patient is an addict, you might want to take an automatic medication lockbox instead of a standard automated pill container. It will prohibit the patients from taking more pills than required unless opened with a key. Aggressive patients can even try breaking the box to get into it. So your pillbox must be durable. On the other hand, interested people may be curious about the pills and try to grab extras. Same as e-pill med smart plus.


Look for a monthly pill organizer from brands like LiveFine when buying an automatic e-pill case. Weekly pill organizers become more of a hassle to continuously re-stock. When refilling your dispenser, keep in mind if the medicine’s expiry dates exceed your planned schedule. Another thing to note is that your designated dosage should be less than the maximum amount dispensable by the machine at any given time.


Following your prescribed medication religiously is the secret to being healthy and independent as one age. A Medacube automatic e-pill is a simple yet well thought out appliance that ensures that your patients are getting the right amounts of dosage at the right time. It is the perfect device for those who are unable to follow their prescription by themselves. If you struggle with organizing or remembering to take your medicine, then we suggest investing in an automatic pill dispenser to avoid missing your doses. Use this guide to choose the perfect automatic pill box for you.

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