Best Apple Smartwatches

Apple smartwatches automatically updates your current body movements and alert notifications with upgraded technology.

By Customer Feedback

  • Customize dial case with hundreds of watch faces
  • Advanced metrics and levels for athletes fitness
  • Alerts from noise app for high pitched sounds
  • Transfer money securely and instantly with apple pay
  • Fall detection and emergency SOS alerts
  • Cadence and pace alerts for runners
  • Activity sharing with friends and family members
  • Notifications for low and high heart rates
  • Access favorite apps through Siri
  • Personalized coaching and monthly challenges for fitness goals
  • Automatic detection of yoga and hiking workouts
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors
  • Swim proof smartwatch with aluminium case
  • Cellular activation with full 4G LTE model
  • Upto 18-hours of battery life
  • Dual-core S3 processor
  • Advanced workout and fitness features
  • Built-in GPS for recording walking, running and jogging
  • Ion X strengthened glass surface

Ultimate Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Apple Smartwatches


Apple itself has made a name for itself in the world of gadgets with its stylish and hottest trending technology. No doubt Apple lovers are ready to cough up huge bucks to own every single gadget launched by the label. Apple has added another item in their list- Apple Smartwatches. So what should you look for whilst choosing the best smartwatch? Here are a few features you can consider for yourself -

Style and Design

Yes! Style and Apple have become synonymous; the brand has actually defined what a sleek gadget is and how these electronics can look “sexy”. In fact, many buyers choose to buy Apple products because they are stylish so style is definitely a big eye-catcher.

Around the clock display

The display that never sleeps even after you hit the bed. Of course, the watch monitors your sleep-time activities and after sleep, body processes to aid you to adopt a healthy and nimble lifestyle in the waking world. Plus you can know the time even if its pitch dark with a dart.

Monitoring your cardiac rhythm

An Apple smartwatch makes sure that your heart is healthy and happy. The Smartwatch comes with an in-built ECG app which lets you know if your heart is pounding or is in its natural rhythm.

Noise Measurement

Apple Smartwatches help you to stay in peace by measuring the decibels of the surrounding sounds and alerts you when they escalate to noise. Noise pollution has severe negative effects on the healthy body; especially it disturbs concentration and heart rate. Thus the Apple smartwatches help the user to stay in peace as well.

Cycle schedule

This one comes as a boon for the women buyer and blessing in disguise for all the men out there. The Apple smartwatch helps to record the information related to the user’s menstruation cycle. So now you can understand why everything has suddenly become so offensive or why are you becoming so mushy lately?

Water-resistant Apple Smartwatches

The waterproof smartwatch can be your ultimate gym and adventure buddy as the watch is resistant to water till 50m. So you can go for your swimming sessions without worrying about the rest of the world.

GPS Tracker

The GPS Smartwatches can help you to reach your destination safely and quickly with its own GPS tracker.

Lifestyle Tracker

The Apple smartwatch can easily gauge if you’re a busy bee or a couch potato? The Smartwatch helps you to stay nimble all day while watching your activities and reminds the user if he had been idle for a long time.

Music library

This one is for the music lovers; the Smartwatch can have as much as 60 million songs in its capacity including podcasts too.

App store

The Apple Smartwatch comes with its own App store, so it’s easy for the buyer to download as many apps as needed. So it won’t be problematic to download newer apps on the Smartwatch itself.


This is one of the most incredible features of Apple smartwatches which makes them stand out in the crowd; the watch can be personalized with a number of bands and faces with it. So even if you wear the same watch every day, nobody can actually guess it! Further, an Apple Smart Watch can easily replace your handset. It has all the amazing as well as the paramount features of a regular smartphone.


Unlike other brands, Apple smartwatches can not only detect a fall but can also send SOS signals in case of urgency. This is especially helpful for those who have a history of fits or other life-threatening attacks. The watch has a GPS with a compass as well, not a chance that you miss your track. In fact, the compass can help if GPS gives random directions.

List Of Top-Selling Apple Watch Reviews

Forget about the tick-tock sound of analogue watches; we have already entered into the age of smartwatches. No one can deny the fact that Apple watches are pioneering the row of smartwatches. In this year, the market of Apple smartwatches has jumped to USD 10 billion and registered 75% new buyers in 2020. Mark our suggestions, go for Apple brand you will never end up with any disappointment. Let’s have a quick view:

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)

The makers of Apple watches are now introducing the built-in cellular technology, which allows you to receive calls, send a text or check your email on the go. Apple watch series 5 never bothers you to touch the screen of the bands on the repeated mode as the always-on retina display is there for you. The dial pad is of 40mm so you can easily handle all your tasks, and ECG app keeps a constant eye on your heartbeat.

You can consider Apple series 5 as the fitness keeper because it informs you about the steps that you have covered or the calories burnt. Guess what? With this band, you received the ultimate access to the entire music library.

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)

Apple series 4 comprises optical heart sensors for tracking in your heartbeat rate on the 24*7 basis. The front panel is of 40 mm size as a result; you can switch over any app without any difficulty. Digital Crown with haptic feedback is yet another plus of this band.

Redefining the standards, it offers a proactive health monitor which takes into account emergency SOS. With this, you get the facility of sharing every activity with your friends and family. Alongside following as a personalized coaching master, striving new monthly challenges are the unbeatable qualities of series 4.

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm)

There is no doubt that Apple series 4 offers you the most prominent display of 44 and ever in the history of smartwatches. GPS+cellular control, electrical and optical heart rate sensor, ECG app, digital Crown with feedback, unusual loudspeaker are the onboard features. This sleek model acts as the protector of your health by indicating you about heartbeat rates.

Anyone could fall for the stunning black colour of this product. Further, it allows the quick answering and rejection of calls, approachability to all music apps, Siri, emails and compatibility with audiobooks and podcasts are the absolute charms.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular, 38MM)

Forwarding the amazement of sharp retina display Apple watches series 3 e is booming the market with its precious aluminium materials. The water-resistant quality serves the liberty to wear it even during your swimming fractions. You can enjoy the merits of answering your calls, swapping up between messages, controlling your WhatsApp, checking back all emails while wearing this remarkable smart band. Adding up, the apple series 3 comes in 38mm display; one can hang on to any activity including hardcore exercises, step counter, calorie counter, and GPS tracker.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm)

Apple series 3 could prove to be an improbable workout trainer for you because it keeps on counting calorie intake, as well as the time and distance you covered in a particular span. The retina display continuously stays up for informing about messages, calls or emails.

Apple watches series 3 is a waterproof model for assisting you during your swimming hours. How can we miss? About the accessibility to podcasts and audiobooks that series-3 passes you. Precisely, take up this band for solving out your all necessity that associates with a premium smartwatch.


Apple smartwatches, in a nutshell, are worth every penny spent on them. Though still a little more expensive than the peer’s Apple Smart Watches come with many unique and fascinating features which are totally worth a try. No doubt Apple smartwatches are still among smartwatches this apple series5 is famous in the market.