Best Calorie Counter Smartwatches

Evaluate the body fitness levels and get workout tips using pedometer and sedentary reminder technology.

By Customer Feedback

  • Military-grade certified smartwatch
  • Corning Gorilla Glass DX to prevent from scratching
  • Bluetooth connecting intelligent touch control
  • Guided meditation and breathing exercises
  • Best Always-on display design smartwatches
  • Monitoring PPG heart rate sensor
  • Ultra-long and durable battery life
  • Built-in amazon alexa for quick news and information
  • Premium jacquard silicone woven band
  • Helps to track weather forecast
  • Built-in GPS to track step count, distance, calories
  • 24 hours of heart rate monitoring
  • Premium quality and high-design smartwatch
  • Gives real-time updates
  • Automatically monitor real-time heart rate
  • Adjust brightness screen to visible in sunlight
  • Alert incoming calls, SMS, and SNS messages
  • Deep breath guide and sedentary reminder
  • High sensitive large HD color display
  • Deep breath guide and sedentary monitoring
  • Slim and lightweight design for comfortable wear
  • Automatically track all-day step,calorie, heart rate, sleep
  • IPX68 water-resistant design smartwatches
  • Features a music control system
  • Fast charging with a magnetic charger
  • 35 days of standby time
  • Magnetic metal and silicone strap
  • Help to develop a healthier lifestyle
  • Compatible with android and iphone devices
  • Optical heart rate monitoring
  • Support multi-sport modes with in-built GPS
  • Innovative magnetic charging system for a quick charge
  • Well suited for monitoring blood pressure
  • 1.54-inch Large display with slim profile design
  • Innovative design with wireless connectivity technology
  • Automatically track sports activities from cycling to swimming
  • Long-lasting battery life for 5 days

Step-By-Step Guide To Select Calorie Counter Smartwatches For Healthy Life


With many diseases prevailing due to the sedentary lifestyle, people are turning health conscious. They are carrying out workouts, yoga, and other exercises in the morning. People are taking a walk after having lunch and taking stairs over lifts. If you intuitively know how many calories you have burnt in a day, you can use the smartwatches. The survey conducted in 2019 revealed 21% of Americans, and one out of five people would be using the smartwatch or a fitness tracker. By the end of 2019, the sales of smart devices would spike to USD 53.2 billion.

These smart watches would help you evaluate the fitness level of the body and suggest you with the best workout tips with a pedometer's help. Few smartwatches models would monitor the heart rate, track the distance you have traveled, and show the calories you have burnt. Smartwatches are ideal for people doing desk jobs. 

Powerful Features Of Calorie Counter Smartwatches 

Quality material

These are made with quality material and are of military-grade. The glass would not get prone to scratches despite extreme wear and tear. 

Bluetooth connectivity

The Bluetooth connecting intelligent touch control would start the smartwatch to count the calories. 

Suggest exercises

It guides you to do the required meditation exercises to burn fat in the body and attain the required weight in a short time. 

Add style

You can add style to the wrist by wearing this smartwatch that smartly tracks your health. 

Long-lasting battery life

You can use this watch for days together without charging, and it shows the health status right at the wrist. The wireless charger enables you to charge the smartwatch while wearing it. Furthermore, it is compatible to work with Android and IOS Smartphones that have Bluetooth connectivity.

Count calories

It displays the number of calories that you have burnt in a day on the rich display. You can also track the heart rate. Amazfit is one such kind in the market with great performance and best to count your calories accurately. Moreover, the band is lightweight and complements with every outfit you wear. 

Track heart rate

It tracks the heart rate, and with the GPS, it keeps a tab on how many steps you have walked and the distance you have travelled. It also monitors the sleeping patterns. Heart rate smart watches will exactly do the same. They monitor your heart rate from time to time for your health status. 

Suitable For Indoors/Outdoors

You can wear this outdoors and indoors. On the other hand, you can receive messages that you get on the mobile, receive the notifications of the incoming phone calls, emails, and social media messages right at the wrist and with a single touch of the display.

Pros Of Using Calorie Counter Smartwatches

The smartwatches are integrated into the fitness trackers. It allows you to check the messages you get on mobile or calls and at the same time, let you track your health. Few of the benefits of having a smartwatch include:

Health and fitness 

The fitness smartwatches are integrated with the fitness features such as you can track the quality of sleep, number of calories you have burnt in a day, number of miles you walked, heart rate, and other aspects. These factors would give the fitness status of your body. 

Few of the fitness tracker smartwatches would also track the blood pressure, measuring the heart from the wrist. Many perks come with the measuring of heart rate. You can track the heart rate even while carrying out the workouts. It helps you to increase the overall fitness level. 

Track call activities

You can either use the smartwatch to make a call by asking the virtual assistant to dial the number of the smartphone or use the device as a remote control to take the call on the smartphone. The smartwatches would come with the speaker, microphone, and network connection that lets you go hands-free to make a call without taking the smartphone from the back pocket. On the flip side, a step counter smartwatch is worn by the people who sit in front of the system for hours together and put on weight eating whatever they find handier. The smartwatch that is integrated with the pedometer would help you count the steps you took in a day and calories you have burnt in today to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Music Playability

The music playing is the critical benefit that you can reap using a smartwatch. You can play your favourite music hands-free through the smartwatch when doing the workout or carrying out any outdoor activity. The user can either control the music on the smartphone through smartwatch or can use the smartwatch as a remote to pair the headset to the phone and listen to the music

Ample smart options

When you link the smartwatch to the smartphone, you can see the incoming calls. You can also see the GPS that tells you the direction of traveling in a new route on the smartwatch. You can also get notifications such as emails, messages, etc. You can read right on the smartwatch screen. Few smartwatches are even offering contactless payment systems that enable you to make the payment without the card and smartphone. 

Keep for a long time than a smartphone

Many would be in a dilemma of why they need a smartwatch when they already have a smartphone. You must remove this thought completely from the head. The smartwatches would have long-lasting battery life than mobile. It is convenient for you to have this on the wrist, especially when you are going on a long trip. With a single charge, you can use the smartwatch for ten days continuously.


Sure, all the smartwatches that are available in the market are unique. However, only the customer can better understand the preferences than anyone and choose the best possible one for their fitness needs. However, Samsung health tracking system is found to be the best. These are highly durable and give long-lasting battery life. We all need to keep in mind that health comes first than anything in life. The baby step of buying a smartwatch and adorning it to the wrist will let you keep a close watch on your health. Based on your fitness level, you can take appropriate measures to promote sound physical health.