Best Step Counter Smartwatches

Integrated pedometer wearable smartwatch helps to measure the steps and calories burned in a day for a healthy lifestyle.

By Customer Feedback

  • Notifications for low and high heart rates
  • Access favorite apps through Siri
  • Personalized coaching and monthly challenges for fitness goals
  • Automatic detection of yoga and hiking workouts
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa for quick news and information
  • Create own voices as alarms
  • Daily sleep quality updates and reports directly to the smartwatch
  • Active minutes and activity and sleeping tracking
  • Contactless payment solution through Garmin plays
  • Morethan 20 preloaded GPS and indoor apps
  • Easy to follow instructions with animated workout activities
  • Beautiful and bright AMOLED display
  • Receive phone calls, e-mails, weather forecast notifications
  • Built-in GPS tracker monitors heart rate and sleeping activities
  • 45 days of battery support
  • Control smart home appliances and Spotify app
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa for quick news and information
  • Swim proof and swim tracking
  • Track steps, calories, and sleep metrics
  • Stores data using bluetooth technology
  • Quick-release straps for easy conversions
  • Swim tracking design smartwatch
  • Built-in amazon alexa for quick news and information
  • Premium jacquard silicone woven band
  • Helps to track weather forecast
  • Supports for abdominal breathing exercise
  • Track hiking, mountain climbing, treadmill activities
  • 30-45 days of standby time
  • Notify messages and calls vibration
  • Auto-record climbing, dancing, yoga activities
  • Slim and stylish designed smartwatch
  • Monitor sleep quality status as light, awake time
  • Sweat and water-resistant smartwatch
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane straps
  • Accurate 3D sensor to count steps, calories
  • Support Badminton, Tennis, Skipping sports modes

Know The Calories Burnt With Step Counter Smartwatch

Do you want to track the number of steps you are taking every day? Then the best option that is available for you is to buy step counter smartwatches. There is a wide range of pedometer smartwatches available in the market. It is surprising and good to see people wearing smartwatches. Do you know that 21% of Americans are wearing the smartwatch or wearable fitness tracker? The global revenue of smart devices has hit USD 53.2 billion. Out of 56.7 million US adults, half of them would be wearing smartwatches.

These are used by all the people irrespective of age today. It is adding some style and at the same time letting people to keep track of their health on the move. When you wear the integrated pedometer wearable smartwatch, it helps you count the number of steps you have walked in a day. It also compels you to walk more to burn the calories based on your food intake. Whenever you see the calories you have burnt, it motivates you to burn more and walk for a few more miles. This eventually promotes a healthy lifestyle. It boosts the capability and ability of a person. 

Features Of Step Counter Smartwatch

Get quick news and weather updates

The step counter smartwatch helps you to stay up-to-date with the latest information and news. When you are busy with work and do not observe the weather outside, your smartwatch cum pedometer would let you know the weather outside from time to time. 

Easy to set the alarms

The timers and alarms can be set on the smartwatch, and you can use the voice commands to perform the online search.

Monitor your health

You can track the heart rate, sleeping pattern, and sleeping score to learn the quality of sleep you have every day. You can also track the sleeping stages and get some personal insights. By knowing the insights, you can take necessary precautions that would help you improve the health condition.

Step counter

When you have this smart device to the wrist, it always shows the number of steps you took in a day and the number of calories you have burnt. On top of it, if you are sitting at one place for a long time, it alerts you to walk for some time. You can know the minutes you are active and the floors you have climbed. 

Good battery life

The smartwatch can be worn throughout the day without worrying about the battery getting drained. Battery Life smart watches can provide you a long-lasting battery life which doesn’t fail you any time.

Get notifications

When you get a call, text message or any notification from the application, it triggers on the smart device screen to have a glance. You can send replies, and voice replies briskly.

Impressive design

When you adorn the smart device to the wrist, it complements with every outfit and makes you look dignified and professional. 

Benefits of wearing a step counter smartwatch

The step counter, also known as a pedometer, is exclusively used for tracking the number of steps you have walked in a day. It is a low-profile, highly convenient, and user-friendly step counter. This electronic device is a motivation tool for kids and family members to stay active and energetic.

Easy to wear

The step counter smartwatch is easy to adore to the wrist. Be it you are at home or stepping out, always have this smartwatch attached to you. It records the steps of the person based on the motion of hands and hip of the person.

Measure various activities

The pedometer's main benefit is that you can track various activities such as when you are walking to the school or walking to the workplace or going for a regular walk. Every step that you take in a day would be tracked. Even if you’re into swimming, Waterproof smartwatches can be of great help for you. You do not have to burn holes in the pocket to buy this smart device that tracks your health by recording the number of steps you took in a day. It is also non-invasive. You can wear this to the wrist every day.

Shows distance travelled

You can also view the distance you have travelled in a day on foot. There are a few models of step counter smartwatches, which even show the energy that is consumed alongside monitoring the heart rate. It is recommended for everyone to take around 10,000 steps a day.

Increase the activity

When the activity level is too low, the step counter smartwatch will trigger you to walk. Even if there is no person to keep a tab on your health, this smartwatch will keep on reminding you to take a walk and stay healthy. For instance, if you have taken 4,000 steps in a day, you can set a goal of walking 1000 more steps on the next day. It is best for people to take stairs rather than preferring the elevator. You can also add up the activity of walking during your lunch break. When you use the step counter, it motivates you to take some more steps. By seeing the number of steps you took in a day, it makes you feel low and pushes you to do more activity. Fitbit Versa 2 can help you get fit with its ability to track your every moment and give the accurate report.


Not everyone can afford to join a gym, but it is inexpensive for you to join a walking club wearing this step counter. You would be motivated to do a lot of activity on a day when you have a personal step counter. The step counter smartwatches that are available in the market are unique from each other. Everyone has a set of features. However, as a customer, you prefer buying the one that suits your activity needs and budget. The Apple smartwatch series four is found to be the best. It has a long-lasting battery. Health is the priority for everyone. You can keep a close watch on the health condition by using this smart device.