Best Bluetooth Smartwatches

Bluetooth smartwatch allows to make phone-free call reminders and health status with a sync functionality

By Customer Feedback

  • Contactless payment solution through Garmin plays
  • Morethan 20 preloaded GPS and indoor apps
  • Easy to follow instructions with animated workout activities
  • Beautiful and bright AMOLED display
  • Best for seniors, kids
  • Receive phone calls, e-mails, weather forecast notifications
  • Built-in GPS tracker monitors heart rate and sleeping activities
  • 45 days of battery support
  • Bluetooth connection technology for quick alerts
  • Ultra-lightweight sports smartwatch with an aluminium case
  • Automatically measures heart rate from yoga to running and more
  • Customizable watch straps and bands
  • Water-resistant upto 50mts/5ATM
  • All-day fitness tracking and personal coaching
  • Compatible with all smart home appliances
  • Pay on gear with NFC-type payment terminals
  • LED flashlights and wireless syncing
  • Support 4GB storage space with 512 MB RAM
  • Built-in GPS and google fit for activity tracking
  • Receive smartphone notifications and app alerts
  • Personalized google assistance fit for monitoring and tracking
  • High durable alkali aluminosilicate glass surface
  • Supports multiple platforms and time-zones
  • Domed corning gorilla glass with a sleek aluminium case
  • Tracking of Hydration, stress and body energy levels
  • Garmin pay contactless payments solutions
  • Dual AMOLED colour touch screen display
  • Multi theme dial with customizable wallpapers
  • Health alerts of drinking water and taking medicines
  • Strong IP68 water-resistant performance
  • Calls, messages and third party notification prompts
  • Broad compatibility with intelligent anti-theft technology
  • Bluetooth v4.0 technology to connect upto 33 ft range
  • Unique waterproof design for outdoor activity
  • High-quality microphone with 0.3MP camera

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Bluetooth Smartwatches


Bluetooth smartwatches can replace the mobile phones and can perform a lot of functions, but there are some features which you can take into account before zeroing in on a model through the selection of the quality smartwatches depends a lot on your smartphone. If the smartwatch is compatible with the smartphone, then there are more perks to enjoy.

Although there is a huge list of amazing and enchanting features of newer series and there are still some interesting add-ons you can consider before purchasing a brand new and one of the best Bluetooth smartwatches.

Top Bluetooth Smartwatches Review

How about having a mini device that functions in constant association with your smartphones? We know that the idea of a Bluetooth watch sounds interesting. It is always better to go for a Bluetooth watch when it comes to features and compatibility. The craze of fitness smartwatches has grown to 12% more in 2020. Without wasting your precious time let us share some premium alternatives that you can choose in the name of the top-selling smartwatch brands -

Garmin Bluetooth Smartwatch

Garmin Venu is overpowering the galaxy of Bluetooth smartwatches with the compilation of a bright touchscreen to guarantee a user-friendly operation. The functions of monitoring your calories intake, body energy and work out hours, make it an ideal smart band. You can always rely on the advantage of Pulse OX sensor when it comes to Garmin Venu. The benefit of extended playlist allows while connecting with your music app grants you the freedom of dancing or relaxing whenever you want to.

Besides, the amazement of more than 20 GPS and other apps proves to be hyper beneficial for achieving your fitness goals. Do not worry about the appearance; the stunning looks fall high on the sides of designing.

Amazfit BIP Bluetooth Smartwatch

Amazfit BIP will never leave you alone, thanks to the huge battery backup that lasts for 30 days. Undoubtedly, this watch is setting the new goals of comfort, since it fits nicely around your wrist.

Receding the scope of smartness the bands always retains you posted about all notifications coming from- calls, Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, weather reports, LinkedIn or Instagram. The water resorts capability grants you the ease of wearing this band during your swimming sessions. Alongside, PPG heart rate sensor takes good care of your heart.

Fossil Men's Bluetooth Smartwatch

Fossil is one of the leading brands in the stream of Bluetooth smartwatches. As specified, this model of Fossil arrives with metal fish and silicone touchscreen, which contributes a lot in its suitability for the user. If you own this fantastic smart band, then you can track your heartbeat rate with an inbuilt tracker. Moreover, GPS, NPC and regular notification from your smartphone never let you miss on any update. The striking color and design will gather all your attention at first sight.

Additionally, you can make your payments with multiple payment apps. In case you are planning to buy a remarkable Bluetooth device, you can settle for the Fossil Men's Sport Smartwatch.

Bluetooth Smartwatch Design

The first feature which strikes the buyer is the mesmerizing and sleek designs they come in. You can pick-up anything that suits your wrist width and outfit. Usually, they are available in 3 wrist sizes which fit the wrists of the average population.

Screen Protection

As the screens of these gadgets are super sensitive, it is essential to protect them from scratches to keep them as good as new. Plus Bluetooth smartwatches are usually worn during workouts which actually doubles the chances of the screen damage. Thus always opt for a model which comes with a scratch guard.

Water-resistant Smartwatches

The Bluetooth watches are designed to be used 24*7, so they are built with the water-resistant smartwatch bodies, and this has surfaced as one of the chief features to be looked for when buying a Bluetooth smartwatch.

Voice Recognition Feature

It’s not Alexa who listens to your commands even the Bluetooth smartwatches have voice recognition. This can help you to give oral commands and quicker search results.

Social Apps Integration

The Bluetooth smartwatches come with most of the popular social apps which can help you to stay connected even if you’re not logged in to your computer. In fact, social apps are beneficial to stay in touch with your colleagues in case of some urgency.

Mobile Replacement

Bluetooth smartwatches have evolved enough to replace the handset though you need to spend a little more, to forget your handset completely. In fact, some of the Bluetooth watches have their own ecosystem of an app which can completely take over the need to carry a handset.

Awesome Battery Life

Unlike the gadgets of the last generation, these gene gadgets are far better on all fronts including battery life. Some of the affordable battery-life smartwatches that boast a battery span [after a charging round] of up to 60 hours. That means it can work for more than 2 days after you have recharged it to the most.

Heart-rate Tracker

The internet keeps on buzzing with the ill-effects of using many gadgets all around the clock, but Bluetooth smartwatches can make you healthy. Yes! Bluetooth smartwatches come with a built-in heart rate tracker which keeps a tab on your cardiac rhythms.

Payment Support

Most of the Bluetooth smartwatches come with payment support, but the only catch here is that they come with their own wallets and may not be as compatible as a debit card, but still they can come handy in urgency.

Music Library

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a good number whilst hopping around the park? The Bluetooth smartwatches come with music libraries, and you can enjoy your favorite numbers while travelling or working out.

OS Compatibility

Most of the Bluetooth smartwatches are compatible with android and IOS. But, only a few of them are compatible with Tizen or both Tizen and Android.

GPS Enabled Smartwatch

You will never lose your way to your destination if you’re wearing a amazfit smartwatch. Yes, and most of the smartwatches comes with GPS, but some of them work when connected with a smartphone. Though not one of the most popular features, still GPS enabled Bluetooth smartwatches are making their way into the consumers’ list.

LTE Support

Some of the best Bluetooth smartwatches do have LTE support but still, this is a rare feature. This is one of the chief reasons that the internet runs slow on these smartwatches.

Phone Calls

If your smartphone is compatible with garmin venu Bluetooth smartwatch, then this is an extra function you can get from your Bluetooth smartwatch. But, this depends upon your smartphone and not your smartwatch.