Best 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Modern and ergonomic 3D massage chairs come with air massaging techniques to enhance blood circulation throughout the body.

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  • Ideal for back pain relief and yoga stretch
  • 3D massage roller for fast relief
  • Advanced medical care system
  • Bluetooth connectivity option to listen music while massaging
  • Perfect for full body air massage for seniors
  • Thermostatic system for back warm massage
  • 3D robust hand and foot roller to feel like human massage
  • Space-friendly design to fit in any massage studio or man
  • Built with 3D massage technology
  • Ideal for massage studio and spas
  • L -Track massage from neck to lower back pain
  • Support multi-language english,korean and chinese
  • Ideal for lumbar alignment
  • Premium quality design for longer use
  • Zero gravity position mode for backrest
  • Improve blood circulation and relief back pain
  • Automatic massage programs with shiatsu therapy
  • Zero gravity design chair for comfortable sitting
  • Lumbar heat to soothe or relax on your back
  • Carbon fibre heating to relief cold pain
  • Lower back heat function for deep relief
  • Built with Foot roller and for deep relax
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable massaging
  • Back heating function provides deep relief for lumbar spine
  • Perfect for professional use
  • Skin-friendly PU leather chair to suits all skin types
  • Yoga stretching setting system
  • Wireless bluetooth speaker connectivity options
  • 3D robot hand and foot roller
  • High fidelity music via bluetooth connectivity
  • Shoulder and back pain air massage
  • 3D robert hand massage chair for fast relief
  • Multiple massage techniques kneading, rubbing and tapping
  • S- Track massage system for waist shoulder and neck
  • Space saving design to easily fit bedroom and spas
  • Rolling function reduce fatigue and improves body immunity
  • Heating function increase flow oxygen and blood vessel
  • Include 6 auto massage programs
  • 3D massage system for old age people
  • Unique calf roller for full body massaging
  • Zero gravity mode for backrest

How to Pick The Best 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair?


Are you looking for the best massage chairs to beat up body pain and stress levels? If yes, then one of the best investments is considering a good massage chair. These Massage chairs are good enough to replicate several massage techniques so that you can get the best massage experience that you want.

By having a 3D zero gravity massage chair, you can easily enjoy several benefits like relaxation, comfort and good health whenever needed. Most of all, buying a massage chair not only helps you to relieve tension and muscle ache but it also proves to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, blood pressure, joint issues, depression and many more.

There are several brands in manufacturing Swing Chairs, Oversized Chairs and Different styles in the massage chair, as each feature is developed to target specific health problems. When buying the Best 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair, here are the guidelines to be followed before placing an order.

Top 6 Features of Massage Chair

Most of the massage chairs are pretty complicated in their features, so it becomes highly confusing while choosing the perfect one. Here are the lists of features to be noted in a best-rated massage chair that adds significant value for the money:

Seat Vibration

It is an important feature found on many high-end medical breakthrough massage chairs which is quite helpful in vibrating the glutes and hamstrings. 

Zero Gravity

This specific feature reflects the zero-gravity reclining chair along with additional massaging features for the user. It places your body in a neutral position to counteract the ill effect of gravity by smoothing your body by positing in a virtually weightless way, extending the legs towards the heart. In this way, massage chairs eliminate weight from the spine, thus powering tired, sore muscles to restore and relax their body's natural balance and well being.

Acupoint Detection System

This feature is highly helpful in scanning the individuals back, thus creating a map of essential pressure points to hit during the massaging process. Acupoint is to develop a targeted and effective massage to various body types.

Upper and Lower back therapeutic heat

This feature helps in making your body muscles to get the utmost benefit from back massage fully. The osaki massage chair is made explicitly for relieving your tension at the upper and lower back and making you energized.

Recline Function

The primary factor to consider while choosing the best portable massage chair is a degree or reclines that the chair offers in tilting backwards. It is advised to pick the chairs with a maximum recline of 170° for enjoying the utmost relaxation and massage experience.

Some massage chairs provide zero-gravity options such that it positions your body in complete weightlessness to eliminate pressure at the spine, increasing massage effectiveness and relaxation. Further, it is available with two or more recline functions, thus allowing you to choose the recline level.

Ergonomic Contours

This exceptional feature offers extensive back support and comfort with or without involvement with massage function. The best 3d and zero gravity massage chair will never fail to include this feature.

What To Consider When Buying Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

We understand very well that getting the best full body massage chair seems to be a tedious task for some people. To make your purchase easy and worthwhile, we have mentioned points related to buying a quality massage chair. There are numerous things to look for before purchasing a massage chair. Some of the buying aspects to be considered in the massage chair are:

Massage chair material

The massage chairs use synthetic leather or real leather, and you should be aware of which one to purchase. Though leather seems to be the best option, synthetic leather is considered to handle an adequate amount of heat produced from other moving parts of a full body massage chair. If you need real leather, then it needs more maintenance because it tends to fade and create cracks when left uncared.

Massage Programs

Most of the massage chairs come in pre-programmed massage types, and the best portable massage chair includes mapping technology that examines your body parts and offers customized programs for a longer duration. The chairs also have a timer so that you can press the button for a specific time and relax without being annoyed about time. 

Massage Rollers

Before getting a heating massage chair, it is quite essential to take a look at massage rollers count since it creates a massive difference while doing massage. Most of the massage chairs usually have 2-4 rollers, and you are sure to enjoy a lifelike massage with diverse functionalities like tapping, kneading, rolling and many others.

In addition to that, 'grasp and knead' feature that serves like human fingers and thumb so that it will massage around your shoulder and neck to get rid of tension at tight and recommended body areas. With the human touch massage chair, you can enjoy a comfortable massage whenever you need it.

Massage Airbags

The airbags are usually found in the chair backrest, the ottoman, the chair seat and in some cases, the armrests and headrest. It offers complete relief from stiffness and tension by adding pressure to specific body parts using air-filled pockets. The technologically advanced best massage chair for neck and shoulders are competent enough to perform air pressure massage and mechanical massage simultaneously, thus enhancing your massaging feel as well.

Space-saving Massage Chairs

If you are planning to buy the best value massage chair but are worried about spacing it will occupy then, you can prefer ootori massage chair that require only a few inches from the wall to recline fully to maximize the living space.

Massage Positions

Aside from different styles, the best massage chair in the world also tends to massage various body parts apart from the neck. Usually, a good massage chair provides rubbing on arms, wrists, feet, and legs along with buttocks, neck, hamstrings, and back. The massaging options deliver through rollers, airbags and massage heads which get attached with a chair.

Heated Massage Chairs

One of the fantastic ways to enjoy comfy massage is through heated massage. With the aid of heated massage chairs, you are sure to get the feel of infrared heat which warms the seat or back of the chair, thus allowing you to enjoy optimal muscle relaxation. Some chairs also provide heated foot massage for the end-users. It is essential to check whether the massage chair produces heat before you plan to purchase.

Massage Chair Strength

To enjoy a massage session, it's essential to determine massage chair strength. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider because the massage chair strength depends mainly based on the motor installed in the massage chair. Some massage chairs will have different strengths levels that you can easily control through buttons at the sides or remote. Some other types include removable padding so that you can enjoy further customization.

Massage Functionalities

Some of the lower-end massage chairs generally provide rolling massage in addition to a simple vibrating feel. Simultaneously, the high-end infinity massage chair comes with extensive features and functions so that it helps your body to get relaxation. Some of the extra features of the massage chair are kneading, vibration, reflexology, tapping, rolling, shiatsu, and some pre-programmed functionalities.

Commercial Massage Chair

If you are a business owner and planning to augment your revenue and customer base, then massage office chairs seem worth considering. By having a massage chair, your employees can get benefit from de-stress, relaxation and many more.

What are the Benefits Of Massage Chairs?

Purchasing the best massage chair is known to be a significant investment. However, there are also many benefits associated with the right massage chair. Some of the benefits include:


When you plan to buy a massage chair, it’s essential to analyze the overall cost. The best budget massage chairs ensure to save money so that you need not visit a massage therapist which costs high for a single session.


By having a fully-therapeutic massage chair at your home, you can enjoy full-body massaging whenever you need it. It offers convenience to users depending upon whether to massage once in a week or day or frequently.

Overall Well being

A massage chair is quite useful for your health and overall well being. Massage does not just aid in relieving tension and smoothing muscle ache; but also cures joint issues, chronic issues, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc. Thus, investing in the best 3d zero gravity massage chair is a good choice to improve overall health.


Wrapping up, medical breakthrough chair offer a great way to decrease stress and back pain. Though a serenity 3d zero gravity massage chairs that are available in 2020 aren’t cheap; however, it is worth your money by getting one. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section given below.

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