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Ootori Massage Chair

Ootori Massage Chair

Ootori 3D Zero Gravity Thai Massage Chair For Yoga Stretching

Ootori Massage Chair Features

  • Perfect for full body air massage for seniors
  • Thermostatic system for back warm massage
  • 3D robust hand and foot roller to feel like human massage
  • Space-friendly design to fit in any massage studio or man

Ootori Massage Chair - High Quality Full Body Air Massage & Thai Yoga Massage

This luxurious massage chair Ootori provides multiple functionalities and features to offer effective treatment that is soothing and relaxing. This SL double track allows you to set your back and legs to bring robot massage to relieve pains on thighs and necks. This massage chair offers the six massage ways for relaxation and brings intense shiatsu, knocking motions, and kneadings to deliver exceptional massage performance.

The perfect massage chair is an expert in relieving the lower back pains apart from the chair's multiple airbags. It is also integrated with a two heating pad to stimulate the blood flows on certain parts of the body to soothe the sore muscle with various techniques. It also enables you to enjoy your own Spotify by playing the favorite playlist by merely connecting with the Ootori Bluetooth connectivity system, and that will make your massage experience more enjoyable and personal. And it also has the electric foot massage part that is adjustable to fit for different body heights and types.

Ootori massage chair provides the computer body scan technology to detect the body shapes, same as the Ootori Zero gravity  and Ktn lernonol massage chair it comes with 3D massage hands that perfectly fit into the neck, shoulder, and back area. Through its 3 levels zero gravity angles, it adjusts to the comfortable reclining angles, effectively reducing the heart pressures and to stimulate the blood circulations to provide the full body shiatsu massage.

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