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Osaki 3D Massage Chair

Osaki 3D Massage Chair

Osaki Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair With Space Saving Technology

Osaki 3D Massage Chair Features

  • Built with 3D massage technology
  • Ideal for massage studio and spas
  • L -Track massage from neck to lower back pain
  • Support multi-language english,korean and chinese

Osaki OS-monarch - 3D Technology Air Massage With Unique Foot Roller Massage

Osaki OS-monarch massage chair with zero gravity recliner futuristic design with a polished hardcover, and its 3D rollers offer a wide range of capabilities and settings. This massage chair is innovatively designed with only one inch to get the complete reclining positions. It also brings maximum comfort by relieving the neck area's pains to the glutes to make wholly relaxed. It is designed with the next generation of 3D massage rollers for outstanding range and flexibility. This technology allows users to control the length of rollers from the backrests.

This Osaki massage chair has 5 different auto massage programs and four special massage programs similar to the Osaki titan Pro and medical breakthrough chair  that help recover pain relief, sleeping, and stretch. The zero gravity position enables the perfect place to enjoy the massage and aligns your back support for optimal comfort and support through its advanced technology. When the seat is reclined to zero-gravity work, it spreads your back's full weight by a backrest position that maximizes the massage's intensity.

While having the massage, you can use your smartphone device or any other electronic devices charging with its built-in USB connectors. It is also incorporated with the latest Bluetooth technology that allows users to listen to their favorite playlist while having a relaxing massage in comfortable reclining positions. through its three rollers on the bottom of the feet are designed with spinning reflexology massagers provides the soothing kneading of style applications, it also stimulates the acupuncture points for a much deeper massage.

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