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Medical Breakthrough 3D Chair

Medical Breakthrough 3D Chair

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 3D Chair Features

  • Ideal for back pain relief and yoga stretch
  • 3D massage roller for fast relief
  • Advanced medical care system
  • Bluetooth connectivity option to listen music while massaging

Medical Breakthrough - Eco-friendly Full Body Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough is not just a massage chair. It acts as a house chiropractor through its advanced 3D technology. The chair flips you to another dimension where there is no stress and pain, and it has been put together with a team of doctors and surgeons. You would feel like the real human masseuses your body. It is the most comfortable massage chair that digs deep to cover all the back pains. It is packed with different massage techniques and traditional ancient to the relaxing Hawaiian massage.

This massage chair is included with every advanced and latest feature for the user's convenience and support, it performs the full-body scanning to automatically adjust the chair to the right positions according to the body figures, and this features also allows to massaging techniques and movements by providing the unmatched level of comfort during the massage. This is a fantastic choice for them suffering from back pain and want a relaxing massage to get those stubborn spots. It performs the complete head to toe massages, and it surprisingly offers the nice arm massage than the Osaki OS monarch and Sinoluck.

This massage chair's most significant features are that it is specially incorporated with the latest technologies for those suffering from chronic back pains. Its zero-gravity design allows reclining at any specific position, which eventually lets the user weight evenly spread across the chair.

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