Best Commercial Freezers

Enjoy the convenience of a versatile free-standing quality freezers in any space for stocking a large number of delicious recipes, beverages, ice-creams, and more.

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  • Exterior and interior stainless steel construction
  • Energy-efficient heavy-duty embraco compressor
  • Digital temperature control system
  • 115lbs loading capacity for each shelf
  • Suitable for sorbet shops and restaurants
  • 46cu.ft bottom mounted compressor freezer
  • Food safe environment, protection from rust and corrosion
  • Shelves and casters for ultimate storage flexibility
  • 41.3 Cu.ft spacious interior
  • Easy to move pre-installed portable casters
  • Adjustable shelves for convenient loading and unloading
  • ETL certified, great for hotel and restaurant use
  • 13.4 Cu.ft generic capacity
  • Ideal for small businesses, offices and stores
  • 21 Cu.ft capacity single door freezer
  • Interior LED light strip for product visibility
  • Upright display helps to find things easier
  • Adjustable wire shelves and electromechanical thermostat
  • Can hold contents safely for two days
  • 9.6 Cu.ft durable pre-coated steel cabinet
  • NSF approved interior white pre-coated aluminium
  • 23 Cu.ft Capacity full stainless steel design
  • Electronic thermostat and high output fan motors
  • Environmental friendly CFC Free Refrigerant
  • Best for deep-freeze temperature range
  • 17.47 Cu.ft Sealed cabinet interior
  • Sliding glass lid with lock control
  • Heavy-duty wire storage basket
  • Great efficiency and temperature control option
  • 7.5 Cu.ft capacity mid-range freezer
  • Adjustable temperature with display
  • Perfect freezer for storing ice cream
  • Internal LED lights for heightened product display
  • 1.2 Cu.ft space-saving flat back design
  • Slide-out wire shelf for added comfort
  • Adjustable thermostat, energy and safety certified
  • Perfect for countertop and tight spaces

Top Commercial Freezer Brands Reviews And Buying Guide


Buying a freezer for yourself is not a difficult task, but researching before finalizing the top-rated commercial freezer for yourself is the most challenging section. Hence this is the reason behind writing this post, as here we are going to have a look at some of the commercial freezers for restaurant and home use. Moreover, from the list, you can select the most appropriate option for yourself. But before heading forward directly to the main section, let us first have a short introduction about commercial freezers.

List Of Top 3 Commercial Freezer Reviews

MCP Supply-Side by Side Commercial Freezer

On the first option, we have the best option of a commercial freezer for restaurants because, with the help of MCP, you would be able to take advantage of huge space for storing.

Not only that, along with this freezer, but you will also get the support of a stainless steel body that is going to make it more reliable and usable for more number of years. It is a two-door commercial freezer and comes with a digital controller with the help of easily adjusting temperature and other such settings.

With the addition of variable capacity compressors, you would be able to save 40% energy by using this commercial side-by-side freezer. The whole construction is made up of stainless steel; as a result, you can use it under extreme working conditions too.

KITMA Reach-In Commercial Refrigerator

Here is the second freezer, which is better and bigger than the above option by MCP Supply commercial freezer. So if you are trying to find a robust and best commercial freezer for home use or other such places, then KITMA commercial freezer is the most appropriate option for you.

It comes with a 1.3HP compressor, which again makes this freezer a better option than the MCP supply freezer. So with this option, you would be able to take advantage of a better and faster-cooling effect.

The shelves of this commercial freezer for restaurant and home use is made up of corrosion-resistant material. Moreover, you would be able to find a digital temperature control feature that will help you manage to defrost settings along with temperature management. Adding up, it comes with all sorts of safety features, including safety door lock and many more.

KoolMore Commercial Reach-in-Freezer

At last, we have the most advanced and the biggest possible option of the best heavy duty commercial freezer you can buy from this list, and that is KoolMore Reach-in-Freezer which is of type double-door.

This option is the strongest looking option in comparison with the MCP Supply and KITMA. Moreover, in the top section, you would be able to get all the management displays and temperature control buttons.

It has movable tires support, with the help of which you would be able to take this mini commercial freezer anywhere easily. You can store easily within this freezer with the help of its six deep, easily installed shelves.

What are Commercial Freezers?

Commercial freezers are the type of freezing machines that you will mostly found being used by business owners for keeping their products cool. Not only that, but such companies are also producing commercial freezer for kitchen, restaurants, medical industry and other areas as well.

You would be able to keep food items cool in freezers by opting Kitma brand product, hence can use them for a longer time. Commercial freezers are perfect for restaurant uses, as they offer more space for storing items like ice cream, seafood and thus become easy to manage things.

How Commercial Freezer Works?

In the first step, you would be able to notice the second law of thermodynamics usage. The HFC is compressed by the motor and hence the gas produced is passed from the coils in the freezer. Under high pressure, the HFC develops the cooling effect. When this HFC gas moves from low-pressure areas, it gets converted into cool gas form, and hence we can notice a cooling effect in our refrigerator. This process keeps repeating until you don't turn off the device.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing Commercial Freezers?

  • Commercial upright type freezers are a perfect option for restaurants and kitchens, as you would be able to store a lot of food items easily within it.
  • You would be able to get specially designed commercial freezers for restaurants. They come with an easy to use display, from where you can have a look at the settings of your freezer.
  • You can get various adjustable shelves with the help of a freezer. It consists of a fan assisted cooling effect, with which you can get the best possible cooling effect.
  • The portable commercial freezer comes with proper certification along with features; you will also get an interior light that will help you see properly within the freezer.

7 Tips To Follow Before Shopping for Commercial Freezers Online

Design And Space

The first factor to have a look at is the space structure. It would help if you tried to figure out what size commercial freezer you want for yourself. Whenever you are finalizing the size, you would have to look at the kind of food items you want to keep in the freezer. For instance, if you are trying to find a fridge for your home, then you would be satisfied with a medium size. If you want to get a chest freezer, then you can get an increased size product.

Power Consumption

In the second step, you should have a look at the compression power of a commercial freezer. With the help of this factor, you would be able to make sure that what kind of services you can expect from your fridge.

Stainless Steel Materials

The next factor to consider is the material of which the commercial freezer is made up of; make sure it's built of robust quality material. There are numerous materials which are used for creating freezers, but if you are trying to find a robust option, then you can get a stainless steel freezer.

Temperature Controller Settings

Before finalizing a commercial freezer for yourself, you should thoroughly have a look at the features you would be getting within it. Make sure to control the temperature of your commercial freezer easily with the help of an easy to use a controller. Not only that, but you can also even get a few such options that can help you in easy management of the food items present inside the model.

Adjustable Shelves And Racks

The next factor to keep in mind whenever you are trying to find one of the best compact size freezers for yourself, and that is the number of shelves you get with it. Make sure that you are getting adjustable shelves within the package, with the help of such shelves you would be able to fit all kinds of food items easily in the type.


You must also have a look at the budget-friendly mini freezer. Moreover, it is suggested that you should always be within the budget that you finalize. Most of the people move out of their budget for getting a good or even better commercial freezer for themselves. Still, if we do proper research, then we would be able to find the most appropriate option within our budget only, and we would not have to add more money to it.

Check For Online Reviews And Ratings

You can have a look at the reviews of your commercial freezer, with the help of those reviews you would be able to know about what kind of product you will get after buying it. By ratings, you would be able to know about the customer services you can get from the company and many more such things about the company and commercial freezer you are going to buy. Prefer the MCP Distribution Freezer for commercial purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a commercial freezer last?

Nowadays, home appliances are designed in a way that they last for longer periods. In the case of commercial freezers, they are made in such a way that they can last to a maximum of 10 years.

2. How much energy does a commercial freezer use?

As their job is to keep food and drink fresh and edible all the time, commercial freezers use abundant energy and power to keep working. A traditional commercial freezer uses about 17,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

3. Can a commercial freezer be used as a refrigerator?

Yes, although there is a huge difference in temperature retention, draining facilities and compartmental space to put things, commercial freezers are perfect alternative appliances to replace a refrigerator in cramped places like dorms and RVs.

4. Can I use a commercial refrigerator at home?

Yes, commercial refrigerators are a good choice to use at households, but the only drawback they would have is the lack of technical help from the company if there are any installation problems or if there is a breakdown.