Best → Kitma - Two Section Solid Door Fridge
Kitma - Two Section Solid Door Fridge

Kitma - Two Section Solid Door Fridge

Kitma Commercial Freezer | Commercial Refrigerator for Restaurants

Kitma - Two Section Solid Door Fridge Features

  • 46cu.ft bottom mounted compressor freezer
  • Food safe environment, protection from rust and corrosion
  • Shelves and casters for ultimate storage flexibility

Kitma - Best Commercial Freezer

The Kitma refrigerator is an industrial refrigerator that has a bottom-mounted layout of the 1/3 hp compressor not merely pulls in cooler air for power efficiency but also lifts up the bottom shelf, so you don’t have to kneel as much during piling and unpacking. It disseminates R290 refrigerant. Also, this component has a voluntary defrost cycle, so you don’t need to expend valuable time vacating the ice.

These modifiable shelves of the wholesale chest refrigerator are glazed with plastic to assist keep out precipitation and withstand putrefaction and rust. Each component comes with 6 shelves and 24 shelf clips, enabling you to spot your shelves precisely where you desire them to fit your small or large food stocks.

Digital temperature control of the Kitma chest refrigerator allows you to effortlessly modify the temperature of your freezer's panel within its 33 to 38 degree Fahrenheit range to conserve food fragile and appropriately iced. The clear LCD readout system furthermore assists maintain track of the component’s temperature.

The inside and outside of the refrigerator are put together with high-quality stainless steel, so the refrigerator has a durable body, and it is also effective for your cleaning.

In order to keep your foods more secure overnight and after business hours, this unit features a door lock.

Adopts microcellular foaming technology, effectively isolates the outside air to ensure long-term freshness, safety, and environmental protection.

The commercial refrigerator rests on 4" casters, offering convenient mobility.

Since the commercial chest refrigerator is formulated with a 430 and 304 stainless steel and outlines self-closing doors, a spontaneous digital temperature control, so this component features strong and robust integrity and cleanability that's corresponded with its proficiency to tolerate busy, heavy-use kitchen’s tasks. Besides, this freezer has a large freezer space of 46 cu.ft to sustain temperatures between 33°F - 38°F which guarantee all stocks are wielded in a suitable food-safe climate.

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