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True Induction

True Induction TI-2B Energy Efficient Cooktop With Glass Ceramic Top

True Induction Features

  • Magnetic based technology for cooking
  • Power-sharing technology between burners
  • Immediate cool down of cooktop after pan removal
  • Serves as portable cooktop for RV’s, and dorms

True Induction - Premium Induction Cooktop

Induction countertops have become a trendy product. Style and elegance are synonyms with such cooktop. True Induction cookware has gathered much appreciation of the users as the features are impressive. The product is easily available online and buyers can look for attractive deals too. The product requires 1800 Watt voltage.

It is glass-ceramic cooktop and the True Induction Double Burner is a highly energy-efficient product. This is one of the main reasons behind its success amongst the users. The heat is evenly distributed in the cooking vessel and hence the results are quick. Food is cooked properly. To buy True Induction products, the buyers can place their queries to the customer cell department and get prompt replies.

Being an energy-efficient cooktop has a unique feature. It can be fitted into the countertop. The unit can be inserted within the frame and look as good as a part of the counter itself. This yields an elegant quotient to the product. The induction cooktop is portable and hence can be placed anywhere as per the desire of the user. Small Induction Cooktop is also available online.

The cooking experience of the user is quite safe because the burner registers or senses that the cookware has been removed and gets switched off. This is an amazing feature of the True Induction cooktop.  Two Burner Cooktop is ideal for a nuclear family.

True Induction is temperature-friendly and does not exceed 450 degree Celsius thus making it further safe for use. True Induction Cooktop price has been set at an affordable range. The permanent waterless cooktop is easy to maintain. Other products which offer similar features are Ramblewood cooktop and Gasland cooktop which can be your alternative option. 

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