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Sinoluck Massage Chair

Sinoluck Massage Chair

Sinoluck 3D Zero Gravity Air Massage Chair with 3D Robot Hands

Sinoluck Massage Chair Features

  • Perfect for professional use
  • Skin-friendly PU leather chair to suits all skin types
  • Yoga stretching setting system
  • Wireless bluetooth speaker connectivity options
  • 3D robot hand and foot roller

Sinoluck - SL Double Track Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

This sinoluck massage chair brings full body relief without leaving your home, and you can sit back and cross your legs. You can experience the custom massages through this massage chair, and it features zero-gravity functions by clicking the simple buttons. You can adjust the chair to rest the angle and keep your knees and heart on a horizontal line. It reduces the heart strains hence reduces the blood circulations.

Its high-quality material construction massage chair lets you sit without straining your back with three stages of massaging in three levels of speed and strength. It will trigger the acupoints to provide the maximum relief and relaxation.if your muscles are very sore, this chair helps to get relief from back pain, joint pains, and headaches. This chair holds up to 6.25 feet tall and the 300 lbs with eco-friendly materials. Its zero-gravity technology makes this chair capable of reclining fully for floating and weightless feelings.

Compared to the Osaki  and Sinoluck chairs. Its S-track design offers the massage to the waist, back, and neck areas. It automatically scans your body and adjusts automatically to match your body for an ideal experience through its two heating pads on the waist. The lower back area enhances blood circulations. With its 3D technology, it offers dynamic experience with six different massage modes to get different massage experiences of shiatsu, knocking, kneading, and tapings.

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