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Osaki Full Body Massage Chair

Osaki Full Body Massage Chair

Osaki Ti-Prime 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Tapping And Heating

Osaki Full Body Massage Chair Features

  • Include 6 auto massage programs
  • 3D massage system for old age people
  • Unique calf roller for full body massaging
  • Zero gravity mode for backrest

Osaki Massage Chair - Full Body Massage Zero Gravity Recliner

Osaki is one of the renowned brand TITAN World LLC parts, a top manufacturer and distributor of massage chairs, back relief products, and fitness equipment. Although their products are most popular in the market, they offer affordable prices with an expertise range of products. This product's critical function is that it provides a wide range of massage options and airbags and a roller system to experience the feel of real human fingers.

Compared to the Ootori chair and Ktn Lernonol This Osaki massage chair is featured with advanced built-in airbag functionality, which perfectly captures the area design and ensures the chair is comfortable and durable with its PU covers. It provides the five levels of intensity and speed to the massages. It comes with two airbags to massage the full-body, shoulders, lower and upper parts of the body with its pre-program setting to inflate and deflate accordingly.

Osaki Titan Pro is also featured with an L-track roller model to ensure the sizes are fully accommodated and offer the zero gravity seats to provide better positioning and comfort. It also integrates with the latest technology to control the length at which the roller extends out to set the depth of the massage and its roller system massage the neck down to the glutes and upper hamstrings and is designed with extra attachable pads for the head and back support to control and manage the intensity of the massage.

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