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Respironics Sami Nebulizer

Respironics Sami Nebulizer

Respironics Sami The Seal Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer For Kids

Respironics Sami Nebulizer Features

  • Highly efficient nebulizers for fast treatment
  • Shaped like seal to attract children
  • Docking station ensures
  • Side-stream disposable nebulizer for flexible use
  • Pediatric nebulizer system for infants

Respironics Sami - Attractive Nebulizer For Kids

Respironics Sami The Seal Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer System is shaped like a seal to appeal to children, their parents, and pediatricians, and to support aerosol therapy compliance. The compressor partners with highly efficient SideStream nebulizers to provide fast and friendly treatment to pediatric patients in the home. It is a reliable nebulizer like an Omron compressor nebulizer. It is economical and easy to use. This nebulizer is bottom-weighted for stability. It is shaped like a seal to attract children. It is one of the best nebulizers for kids to use. It has a convenient handset dock. The main feature of this nebulizer is fast treatment times. You can see this feature in Willis nebulizer. Combines power and reliability with a child-friendly design to create a nebulizer system, that children will want to use. 

Sami is bottom weighted to help with stability and incorporates a docking station for the nebulizer between treatments. Comes with a character mask that again attracts children. Easy-to-use and portable Nebulizer compressor system by Avent Philips nebulizes medication efficiently for both children and adults. AC-powered air nebulizer compressor system provides a source of compressed air for medical purposes. It is very efficient and reliable with a child-friendly shape. Electrical requirements: 230 VAC/50 Hz, 0.7 Amp (1093268. It Includes Nebulizer mouthpiece, Tucker the turtle pediatric mask, Medication nebulizer cup, Nebulizer holder, Compressor air outlet, Nebulizer tubing, Compressor air openings, Air filters, Carrying case & Air inlet for a filter. It comes with a Nebulizer holder, Air filters, Air inlet for the filter, and Nebulizer mouthpiece. Find some Mesh Nebulizer for easy Breathing.

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