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Wills The Whale Nebulizer

Wills The Whale Nebulizer

Philips Reusable Wills The Whale Compressor Nebulizer System For Kids

Wills The Whale Nebulizer Features

  • Delivers high-quality aerosol therapy
  • Nebulizer system designed to make treatment fun for children
  • Pediatric mask easily contours to child’s face for comfort fit
  • Reusable nebulizer provides consistent drug delivery to lungs
  • Compatible with commonly prescribed nebulizer medications

Willis - Philips - Children Friendly Nebulizer

Willis is the best nebulizer in the market that comes in a child-friendly design for a more user-friendly treatment experience. Consistent delivery of high-quality aerosol therapy. Its features resemble Margo moo compressor nebulizer. Treatments can take as little as 6 minutes. Includes Tucker the Turtle pediatric mask, side Stream Reusable, and disposable Nebulizers. A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product. Fun to inhale with Willis the Whale. Willis is a Kids Nebulizer system designed to make therapy fun for children and help reduce some of the stress surrounding the treatment process. 

It is best for kids to reduce the stress associated with treatment helps the child feel more comfortable, and therefore, more likely to achieve a successful therapy. The components that include this nebulizer are Willis the Whale compressor, Side Stream Disposable, Side Stream Reusable, Tucker the Turtle Mask, carry case, mouthpiece, tubing, and a User Manual. Intended to use by pediatrics. It comes with five years warranty. It has the power of 120VA. It can function until a temperature of 130C. It has a maximum pressure of 29 - 43.5 psi. Every two weeks, you have to replace the disposable side stream. You can replace a reusable side stream for every six months. It comes in a continuous operation mode. Whether you need to keep that hypertension in check or take the temperature of your child, you can confidently rely on this nebulizer. Equipped with complete accessories that include a mask for children, and a mouthpiece for those who can coordinate their breathing. Kids can breathe easy with Portable nebulizer. It is as effective as Respironics Sami compressor nebulizer.

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