Best Portable Nebulizers

Nebulizers reduces the complicacy and provides the appropriate treatment to cure breathing disorders in a faster way.

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  • Portable and lightweight nebulizer
  • Rechargeable battery gives upto 30 medications per charge
  • Innovatively designed for adults and children
  • Mesh nebulizer delivers faster medication
  • Detachable mouthpiece for easy clean and maintenance
  • Weighs only 6 oz fits perfectly in the palm
  • Tubeless and cordless design offers respiratory relief
  • Unique mesh technology makes it comfortable to use
  • Handheld nebulizer for easy inhalation
  • Accommodates standard adult and pediatric masks
  • Portable nebulizer kit for cystic fibrosis treatment
  • 45 minutes of battery life for long treatment
  • Multiple power options provide convenient nebulize while travelling
  • Anti-spill design avoids medication waste
  • Hypersonic technology makes it whisper quiet
  • Refined design for increased seal and comfort
  • Rechargeable via USB lasts upto 10 medications
  • Pocket nebulizer system for asthma patients
  • Battery operated nebulizer for easy medication
  • Hard plastic shell nebulizer offers durability
  • Includes AC/DC adapter, mouthpiece, oxygen tubing
  • Oxygen tubing delivers medication deep into lungs
  • Two valve system for maximum efficiency of inhalation
  • Expiration valve avoids bacteria contamination
  • Extremely quiet operation with noise-level of 40dB
  • Designed to produce medicated aerosols for respiratory disorders
  • Adjustable airflow rate of upto 0.7 ml/min
  • Embedded for long-term use
  • Automatic shutdown feature to avoid oedema after long-term treatment
  • Micro USB power cable for easy charging
  • Ergonomic design allows to easily hold the nebulizer

Portable Nebulizers Buying Guide - How To Select Portable Nebulizers For Treating Asthma?


Are you going through a severe respiratory tract? In such a situation, Nebulizer acts as a useful tool for you. According to a report, the global nebulizer market made a revenue of 720 million USD in 2018. It is aiming to reach 1060 million USD by 2025. These stats are sufficient to hint you about the utility of a nebulizer. The careful selection of a nebulizer is necessary for undiplomatic medication flow. Choosing a portable nebulizer is of paramount importance, let us help you out in ensuring a perfect pick -

Top Portable Nebulizer Brand Reviews 

InnoSpire Go Portable Mesh Nebulizer

InnoSpire Go Portable is designed to allocate the medication in 4 minutes. The two-part construction of this equipment turns out the hyper convenience of use. You will never face any issue in cleaning it up once the medication has been served. High-quality aerosol tracks down the fast process of the Neubeliser. 

The clinically tested Aerogen Vibronic vibrating mesh technology is recommended by the leading hospitals on the international level. Blow off your worry about the battery as the rechargeable battery of InnoSpire Go Mesh Nebulizer grants you 30 treatments. More than that it fits adults or children. If portable is your priority, then go for this machine without any doubt,

Portable Micro Air Nebulizer

Now live freely as your respiratory problems won’t be bothering you anymore. Yes, Micro Air Nebulizer by Omron carries the tubeless and cordless design, in order of eliminating the connection of extra stuff. 

The ultra-silent functioning lets you take your medication whenever you want to without interrupting the peace of other people. It passes the ideal dose in the least possible time; this nebulizer never misses on any droplet. Move on towards the better option in the form of Portable Micro Air Nebulizer. The space-saving factor of the mentioned tool will gather all your attention. 

DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System

DeVilbiss is a fantastic Travel Nebulizer machine for asthma. Being lightweight, it goes well with all your requirements in regards to a nebulizer. The specified device regularly converts liquid medicine to aerosol therapy and forwards it to the lungs in proper concentrations with a mere touch of the button. You receive the facility of replacing the internal battery of this system. MMAD of the 5 microns is the direct merit of the DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer. It is equipped with comfy mouthpiece design for acquiring the most excellent satisfaction of the consumer. 

So, these are the leading recommendations for the top nebulizers. Now, we are sharing the factors that would help you out in choosing the right nebulizer. These factors are as follows-

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Premium Quality Nebulizers 


Foremost, make it clear who will be using the nebulizer. Two models are available in the market, Pediatric and Adult Nebulizer. As the name hints, Pediatric Nebulizers are designed for kids; such variants usually come in different sizes and exciting shapes. On the other hand, adult nebulizers are for adults; hence it sustains standard shape and size.

Medication Speed

The next thing that you have to keep your eye on is medication. At the time of any unbearable asthma attack, the speed of medication matters a lot. The best step you can follow is getting your hands on a nebulizer which provides an output of four to eight letters per minute. A nebulizer should guarantee a phenomenal speed of medication for the aim of obtaining faster relief. Consequently, point out the medication speed of your nebulizer before buying it.


Whenever you process to buy a Quality Nebulizer, never miss to check back its compression. Appropriate compression is essential to form the parts of sending the medication carefully. If a nebulizer lacks excellent compression, it won’t be able to give an expected performance. Make sure you are choosing the nebulizer system with accurate compression of 0-14 litres per minute..


Looking at the factor of noise is necessary at the moment of finalizing your selection. We would suggest that you perpetually go for a quiet nebulizer, mainly when you use it while sleeping. Besides, a silent nebulizer proves to be beneficial for kids. Do not forget to see the quality before investing your money.

Compact Design Nature 

As we are talking about the best portable nebulizer, the attribute of shape and size truly makes a difference for you. In case you desire to take along your Nebulizer on your trips or at your relative’s house, simply choose the smallest model. The vast shape and size will serve you major inconvenience. It is advantageous in every manner to prefer a compact machine.


Coming up to the criteria of capacity, firstly, you should understand the meaning of capacity in a portable nebulizer. The capacity is the measurement of the quantity that nebulizer permits you to fill in one time. For buying the nebulizer, examine that it’s offering at least 5ml of capacity or not. Buy only when the capacity is up to the mark or not.


Putting the attention on the weight of your nebulizer is of paramount importance. It is advised to pay for a nebulizer, which weighs 4.2 to 4.5 ib. By being particular about the weight, you will end up with the top-notch nebulizer for yourself or your kid. 

Simple And Easy To Use

Opt a portable nebulizer only if it has simple structure, as a nebulizer with a rigid structure will create issues during cleaning. Maintaining the cleanliness of the nebulizer is vital for assuring long term use. Additionally, it keeps you away from all the possible gems; therefore, invariably see the structure of the Nebulizer.

Final Words

You can never search for the replacement of a nebulizer for Asthma, Emphysema or Cystic fibrosis patients. We shared a detailed guide for your assistance, with the hope that it will contribute to marking the right selection of the Innospire portable Nebulizer for kids.