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Omron C801KD Nebulizer

Omron C801KD Nebulizer

Omron CompAIR C801KD Child-Friendly Design Nebulizer For Kids

Omron C801KD Nebulizer Features

  • Compressor nebulizer for lower airways respiratory diseases
  • Puppet accessory makes inhalation enjoyable
  • Silent operation at the noise level of 46 dB
  • Virtual valve technology enables highly efficient nebulization

Omron - Enjoy Your Inhalation With Ease

OMRON CompAIR C801KD is a compressor nebulizer for the treatment of lower airways respiratory diseases like asthma in babies and children. It is specially designed for babies and children, thanks to its silent operation and child-friendly design. It is the best nebulizer for kids. Omron nebulizer comes with a puppet accessory that can be attached to the device to make the inhalation more enjoyable. It makes treatment fun like Medquip children nebulizer.

The device also comes with a child and infant mask for children and babies. Designed for the treatment of lower airways conditions, with the particle size of 3.0 µm. It is suitable for babies and children, with kid accessories and toys included. Efficient delivery of medication achieved through Virtual Valve Technology. Nebulization rate of 0.3 ml per minute. Silent operation at the noise level of 46 dB. Small, compact device. It comes with C801KD Nebulizer, Nebulizer Kit, Mouthpiece, Nosepiece, Air Tube (PVC), Air Filters x5, Infant Mask (PVC), Child Mask (PVC) and AC Adapter. It works efficiently in the treatment of respiratory conditions like Drive Airial Penguin nebulizer and also helps to relieve respiratory symptoms. It can not only be used by children but also for adults. Specially developed for babies, this nebulizer is safe and gentle for your baby’s everyday use. It comes with 2 features – nasal aspirator and nebulizer. Deliver your own treatment without making sound. Simply press one button, breathe naturally, and slip back into your bag when you are done-all without turning heads. Checkout Nebulizers For Asthma which helps in convenient breathing.

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