Best → PlayStation VR Blood + Truth Golf Bundle
PlayStation VR Blood + Truth Golf Bundle

PlayStation VR Blood + Truth Golf Bundle

PlayStation VR Mega Blood VR Headset Bundle | Affordable PS4 VR Set

PlayStation VR Blood + Truth Golf Bundle Features

  • Ideal for action and adventures
  • Bundle includes blood and truth disc, golf games
  • Lightweight and portable VR headset
  • DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers

PlayStation VR Headset - Top VR Headset Online

As you discover the virtual world, watch your hear pound, eyeballs dilate, and instincts kick with the best PlayStation. The new oculus touch controllers give an absolutely smooth experience of the virtual reality buffs. Immerse yourself in the virtual reality world with the best games, best VR headset online, and best camera. Whether you have to confront the mythical beats or fight in the boxing, undertake deadly missions or fight the villain, the PlayStation VR bundle offers you more than two hundred games for an incredible experience. Experience the fantastic thrills with the best PlayStation VR headset and camera. The best VR headset available online awaits you and your love for virtual reality. Capture every moment filled with drama and packed with unique soundtracks.

The games are bombarded with classic film orchestral songs which have been composed by well-known artists. There are different stories, knitted and stunning backgrounds as you unfold new games that vouch for fantastic thrill and excitement with VR gaming headset. There are several turns and twists packed in the story, which will come as a surprise to you.

With the wireless motion controller, you will experience virtual reality as its best, forget the hassle of dealing with entangled wires. Explore the myriad range of games and stories and fall head over heels for the advancement of technology.  In no small measure, it is the best VR headset online and comes with demo disk, PlayStation VR controllers, PlayStation Camera, and the Virtual Reality headset. Dive in the depth of the virtual reality pool and immerse yourself in the best experience ever. Same features are  also available in HP reverb VR Headset and Goovis Pro VR Headset. Compare them and select the best one as per your requirement.

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