Best → GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset
GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset

GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset

GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset Compatible With Xbox, PS4

GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset Features

  • Well suited for eyesight protection system
  • 4k high-resolution sony OLED microdisplay
  • Ultra-precision lenses for an excellent image and video quality

Buy Best Goovis Pro VR Headset

Sony has launched the new customized Goovis VR headset to help you experience the feeling of having a personal mini-theatre. The brilliant world of virtual reality can be experienced with the help of high-resolution graphics catered by the Goovis cine go g2 VR headset. Now watching films, series and concerts have become much more comfortable with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can even use the virtual mobile theater headset to watch movies from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and amazon prime.

The Sony customized Goovis VR headset comes with an OLED micro-display which caters a super exceptional and apparent quality of graphics and gives the feeling of watching engaging content on an 800-inch IMAX theatre. Immerse in the world of the cinema experience and look at the extraordinary 3D VR Headsets feels which will satisfy your soul. The Goovis cinego g2 VR headset comes with a storage capacity of 32 GB and also caters 256GB TF card for better user experience. The smart HDMI interface is intuitive and gives HD display content. Easily download your favourite content and watch it with the Best Goovis g2 pro, which acts as your mobile theatre headset.

The Goovis VR headset weighs merely 200 grams and is super portable. Thus, you can enjoy the giant screen experience anytime and anywhere without much weight. The weight pressure is not something that will keep you off the advanced gadget. With the eye adjustment feature, you can easily set the display as per your convenience, and the eye adjustment can change from person to person. Go buy the best Goovis Budget VR headset today! Other Products which offer similar features of Goovis pro are HP Reverb VR Headset and Samsung Mixed Reality VR Headset

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