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Ootori Massage Chair

Ootori Massage Chair

Ootori 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Vibrating Function

Ootori Massage Chair Features

  • Lower back heat function for deep relief
  • Built with Foot roller and for deep relax
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable massaging
  • Back heating function provides deep relief for lumbar spine

Ootori Zero Gravity - Provides Flexible Acupoint Massage For Your Neck, Shoulder

Ergonomically designed double S track massage chair provides the lumbar heater, massage heads it guarantees the full body massage. Moreover, it adapts to the zero gravity mode with an armrest linking system that helps to keep place with the backrest for a comfortable massage experience. It is designed with the latest 3D robotic hand and four roller massage systems to provide maximum benefit by combining different manipulations, including taping, shiatsu, knocking, rolling, and kneadings. It allows you to adjust the massage strength, speed, and intensity. Its reclining position lets you select the auto-message programs to aid sleep massage, partial massage, and full body massage.

Combining the most realistic massages helps in relaxing after hard working days. It features the same functionality as Ootori zero gravity and Sinoluck. This is incorporated with a simple click button with three unique automatic massage treatments designed to eliminate the pains and aches. It also provides the ability to target specific problems and troubles with six manual massages. Through its smart body scan functionality, it automatically detects the body size for a custom massaging by scraping and rolling functions that reduces your fatigue and improves the body's immunity.

Through this massage chair, you can select the massage styles with three levels of strength adjustments, and even that allows you to set the 3D roller width and massage points. Its innovative functionality provides the heat from the lower lumbar region of the spine that helps relieve lower back tensions by relaxing the muscles and joints.

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