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KTN Lernonl Massage Chair

KTN Lernonl Massage Chair

KTN Lernonl 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair with S-Track Technology

KTN Lernonl Massage Chair Features

  • Automatic massage programs with shiatsu therapy
  • Zero gravity design chair for comfortable sitting
  • Lumbar heat to soothe or relax on your back
  • Carbon fibre heating to relief cold pain

KTN Lernonl Massage Chair - Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair With Foot Roller

Stylish and ergonomic design massage chair has a glossy all-black PU leather cover that offers impressive design and trendy curvy side panel pop-outs and feels elegant. It comes with a modern and contemporary model for cool home decor.through its zero-gravity feature. It offers excellent support for spine decompression. It makes you feel like floating in space, and its three stage of angles is the utmost than any other massage chairs in the market.

This Lernonl s-tracker is equipped with a total of 3 airbags that provide air compression massage. This type of massage offers several health benefits of improving blood circulation. Faster recovery of of the best things about this chair is that it can fit upto the 6 feet 3 inches and holds up to 400 lbs of weight. The best part of this massage chair is that you can detach the armrests to make things easier for carrying, similar to the osaki titan pro and Ootori zero gravity. They are manufactured by using the anti-slip leather, which aids in keeping the arms in place. This track follows the natural curves of the spine that can hit all parts of the body with its various massage techniques of sliding taping, shiatsu relieves, comfortable knocking, mix massage, and kneading taping with four automated programs to experience the variety of massages with a smart body scan functionality with air pressure adjustments.

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