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Cigreen Portable Freezer

Cigreen Portable Freezer

Cigreen Multi Function Freezer | Electric Powered Portable Freezer

Cigreen Portable Freezer Features

  • perfectly apts for home, garage, and hotel
  • 63.3 quartz of freezer storage capacity
  • 40dB of low noise generation
  • Durable and high density foam insulation
  • Turbo fast cooling modes

Cigreen - Best Travelling Portable Refrigerator

Cigreen is the best fridge and is here to provide fast and precision cooling. This portable freezer for home comes with compressor cooling technology that helps the freezer achieve fast cooling between -0.4 to 23℉ freezer, 23 to 50℉ fridge (104-113°F below ambient) with precision and in addition, this Dometic portable freezer can temperature control: ±1℉. The Cigreen cooler offers two modes like TURBO (fast cooling) mode and ECO (energy saving) mode.

This small portable refrigerator comes in the dimensions of 32.7 x 17.9 x 19.2 inches and weighs 61.9 pounds. With a capacity of 63.4 Quart (60 Liter), this works as the best portable refrigerator for parties that can fit around 85 cans of Cola (60 of fridge/25 of the freezer). Among the different portable compressor refrigerators, this Cigreen portable refrigerator has been crafted to handle the family’s complete dinner or lunch picnic. It also works as the portable refrigerator for truck, cars, and RV and is perfect for camping, travelling, fishing, driving, outdoor and home use.

Best Green comes with 30°Vibration and anti-tip design that is lightweight but durable being constructed with thick, high-density foam insulation. It also has two long-lasting handles for easy transportation. In addition, this among the Cigreen products comes with inbuilt battery protection benefits and has been crafted in user-friendly low noise design with durable materials that further substantiate the different advantages of the freezer. Choose to buy Cigreen products that clearly make for the best choice. Similarly Igloo Freezer and Cho Freezer are two other freezers that provide fast and precision cooling. 

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