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ECOTOUCH INDH604B Glass Top Induction Cooktop | 4 Burner Cooktop

ECOTOUCH Cooktop Features

  • Instant cool-down option to reduce heat
  • Intuitive control board allows power setting
  • Best energy-efficient ceramic cooktop
  • Reduces the risk of gas leakage

Ecotouch - Best Induction Cooktop For Cooking

Are you looking for a sleek black finish with an in-built induction top? Ecotouch presents you with the Ecotouch indh604b with the perfect option for attractive induction tops. The smooth induction top is made up of fine vitro ceramic to cater to your spacious feel amid the chaotic cooking routine. 

The Ecotouch induction cooktop comes with 4 burners with 2x1500W & 2000W & 2200W vouching to convert electricity into a magnetic field. This safe option means the absence of immense heat, flame, and radiation. Despite this, the premium Ecotouch cooktop delivers excellent performance with energy efficiency. The booster option saves you precious time and boils the water faster. Furthermore, the four-burner induction cooktop makes it easier to prepare a variety of dishes at once. Cooking dinner for Thanksgiving can be really stressful if you do not have enough burners. Still, with an Ecotouch electric cooktop, cooking has just become more comfortable. An intuitive panel allows you to set the power level and timer for the same, so forget about your delicious meal getting overcooked.

Safety functions

There is no risk of a gas leak or catching of flame with the perfect Ecotouch induction cooktop. It also comes with child lock, auto switch on/off, a timer 1-99 minutes, auto-pan detection, hot surface indicator. Furthermore, the ETL safety premium Ecotouch cooktop has been approved, which comes at optimal quality and the best price.

Choose the user-friendly Ecotouch electric cooktop, which comes with easy installation. Buy Ecotouch products today!

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