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BNEXT 3D Virtual Reality Headset

BNEXT 3D Virtual Reality Headset

BNEST VR Headset Compatible With iPhone & Android For Adults & Kids

BNEXT 3D Virtual Reality Headset Features

  • Focal distance and object distance adjustment for distortion
  • VR Smartphone compatible with gyro sensor
  • Best 3D VR Headset for Kids and teenagers

Soft & Comfortable 3D VR Glasses

The BNEXT VR headset's premium set ducks you in the virtual world pool to explore the labyrinth with the virtual reality glasses. All you have to do is to download the application on your smartphone and place the smartphone in the front panel. Choose the best pick and travel the world of fascination.

For a 360-degree experience, the BNEXT VR headset comes with a 4- "6.3" screen and vouches for excellent compatibility. The standard model is pitch black with a blue strap for an attractive look. The comfortable head cushion allows you to be at comfort and serves your interest without giving a headache. The Velcro straps fitted on the sides of the BNEXT VR headset are adjustable, so do not worry about the strings getting loose. The light version of this headset ensures that nothing digresses you from exploring the virtual world. The sturdy case allows you to carry the headset everywhere. The audio system of the VR headset is really impressive and has a simple set-up.

The well-fitted device has a good quality and a fantastic glossy finish. The packaging provided by the company comes with two additional pads and comes handy. The adjustable lenses make the 3D VR glasses for mobile games.

Watching a live concert or a comedy gig sitting comfortably on your couch is not so difficult when you have the best BNEXT VR headset at your rescue. Watch VR movies with similar featured brands VR Shinecon and Pansonite headsets and enjoy.

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