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Atlasonix VR Headset | Virtual Reality Goggles For Android Smartphones

Atlasonix Features

  • Myopic alignment for reduced distortion
  • Remote control system for android smartphones
  • Well suited for adults

Atlasonix - Best Buy VR Headset

f you want to dive into the virtual reality pool, then the Altasonix VR headsets are the best gadgets. You can explore the entire library of the virtual reality videos to turn your compatible device into your own small little IMAX. Experience the best virtual reality with the best 3D VR goggles and controller.


The casing of the VR headset is feather-light, and you do not have to worry about headaches when you decide to wear it the whole day. It is fitted with a reflector to stop the blue rays from harming your eyesight from a prolonged period. The headband fitted with the Headset makes it much more comfortable for an adjusting purpose. Furthermore, the rims of the inner part of the VR headset are cushioned with the soft material to ensure that your face does not feel the plastic material. These are compatible VR headsets for iPhone & Android, so you need not worry about the model of your smartphone. The device is fitted with an ultra-thin transmittance lens and has a colour-variation algorithm. The VR headsets for Android phones come with the LUX distort correction system. The VR launcher has a user-friendly interface and has a nine-axis gyroscope for a better gaming experience.

The optical scheme of the VR headset comes with protective glass to ensure that the harmful blue rays do not harm your eyesight. The VR headset has rejected the idea of inferior plastic and used the best plastic shell to suit your interests and vouches for long-lasting years. Compare and buy VR Headsets Online at affordable price. Interested in viewing similar products BNext and VR Shinecon VR Headsets with advanced gaming technology.

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