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Commercial Cool Freezer

Commercial Cool Freezer

Commercial Cool Freezer | Mini Freezer for Sale Online at Best Price

Commercial Cool Freezer Features

  • 1.2 Cu.ft space-saving flat back design
  • Slide-out wire shelf for added comfort
  • Adjustable thermostat, energy and safety certified
  • Perfect for countertop and tight spaces

Commercial Cool Refrigerator

The full line of Commercial Cool Mini Freezers or Commercial Cool refrigerator is built with functionality in mind. The Commercial Cool Freezers are designed to fit as much food as possible. They are great for storing extra food that must be kept frozen. This keeps your main freezer free of clutter. Just put one of these in your garage and you instantly increase the amount of frozen food you can hold at one time. This is a top freezer that is great for storing extra meat or other foods. They are also perfect for small businesses, offices, or stores. The compact design makes them ideal for small rooms. All Commercial Cool Freezers use the R600a refrigerant as well.

Where the room is at a recompense, this portable, 1.2 cubic foot upright freezer is an excellent solution. Despite a small footprint, there is still plenty of room when you’ve maxed out the freezer portion of your fridge and still want to stock up on sales items or ready for that big party. The full-length shelf is removable depending on how you want to organize the contents.

Ideal for your extra freezer storage needs in small spaces. With an entire width, slide-out cord shelf, and suspended door grip. It's a mini commercial refrigerator for chocolates as well!

Adjustable thermostat control with adjustable levelling legs assures a stable base and a Commercial mini-fridge glass front.

The design of the upright freezer provides the ability to fit the freezer in the most compact of spaces. Perfect for short countertop and tight areas.

Great little Commercial cool upright freezer with one of the new environmentally receptive refrigerants. Complete portable size for studios and functions really great, also rarely utilizes any energy and is very peaceful. Similarly Koolatron Freezer and Kuppet Mini Freezer are the freezers that has great storing capacity. 

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