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Koolatron KTUF88 Freezer

Koolatron KTUF88 Freezer

Koolatron KTUF88 Upright Freezer | Industrial, Commercial Refrigerator

Koolatron KTUF88 Freezer Features

  • Mechanical thermostat regulator
  • Compact size and smooth back design
  • Upright freezer ideal for workplace
  • CFC free R600a Compressor motor

Koolatron KTUF88 Refrigerator

Looking for the ideal choice in terms of mini compact freezers? Well, the search for the best clear mini-fridge ends right here with Koolatron fridges. Koolatron mini-fridge is here to work as the best addition to any workplace, hotels, resorts, homes, cottages and other places as extra storage for frozen food. This Koolatron refrigerator comes with an inbuilt adjustable thermostat that enables you to set the freezer to the required temperature. Further, Koolatron freezer comes with six temperature settings, so you can set the temperature between 0°C and -24°C (32°F and -11.2°F) at 25°C (77°F) ambient air temperature.

Koolatron portable refrigerator has the dimensions of 21.5 x 23 x 38 inches and weighs 56.2 pounds. This Koolatron cooler comes with the freezer capacity of 3.1 cubic feet and offers two full-width shelves that allow you to separate and organize your food in a better manner. Whether you use this best Koolatron as a Koolatron wine fridge, or to store other frozen stuff, it comes with R600a (CFC free) compressor and has the voltage requirement of 120 volts.

This stand-alone Koolatron thermoelectric cooler has been crafted in a smooth back design and has a metal backboard. Koolatron online store features this amazing freezer that comes in a soothing and sophisticated shade of graceful white that renders it as a cool choice for mini-refrigerators. Try out the Koolatron refrigerator products and for best results, keep the freezer in a well-ventilated area away from sources of high heat.

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