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BNEXT VR Headsets And 3D Googles

BNEXT VR Headsets And 3D Googles

BNEXT Virtual Reality Goggles For Kids Compatible With iPhone & Android

BNEXT VR Headsets And 3D Googles Features

  • Adjustable head straps with eyesight protection system
  • FD and OD adjustment technology
  • VR smartphone compatibility with gyro sensors
  • Screen resolutions are 3D, 720p, 1080p, 4k

Bnext - Electronic Gadget For Video Streaming With Virtual Reality

BNEXT presents Bnext VR headset, which is the most compatible VR headset for android with stunning inbuilt systems. The Bnext VR headset tempts one to stick to the gadget the whole day discovering the beautiful world of virtual reality.


The Bnext VR headset has been designed in a manner that it vouches for eye adjustment as per the user’s convenience, so one does not worry if the headset looks big in the picture. It also allows the user to widen the angle or just match the focal length; the eye adjustment switch is at every user’s rescue. One does not worry if myopia or hyperopia is interfering in the virtual world experience since the alignment will ensure that one can watch the virtual world without any distortion. The comfortable Bnext VR headset can be worn for a long number of hours, and the cozy fit comes with a head strap to adjust the wearing of the innovative headset. There is a nose pad fitted at the nose area to make sure that the weight of the virtual reality headset for mobiles does not harm the nose for prolonged hours.


The vision protection advanced feature of the Bnext VR headset ensures that eyesight is not strained. Furthermore, the Bnext VR headset comes with a myriad range of applications to ensure that there are plenty of options to pick from. 

With the best features, in no small measure, the Bnext VR headset for gaming is the best pick for tech buffs. Destek VR Headsets and Atlasonix VR Headsets support gaming option.

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