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Acobot AI

Acobot Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for E-commerce Business

Acobot AI Features

  • High cart abandonment function to add items
  • Increase product pages for user understanding
  • Instantly conversational responsive website
  • Cost-effective chatbot software platform
  • Provide flexible subscription plans
  • Highly personalized email marketing business
  • Optimize conversation by answering clients queries
  • Offer shopping cart abandonment function
  • Personalized discount coupons facility for users
  • 3x fast capture sales activities for a better experience
  • Best chatbot for e-commerce platform
  • Support automated experts customer service

Acobot - How To Make The Conversion Rates Higher ?

If you have visitors in your websites who leave it without any response, then try incorporating Acobot AI Chatbot. It is one of the best chatbots for websites as it helps in increasing the sales by multiplying the conversion rates. Website presence becomes useless for the company is it fails to yield the desired response and results. But with the help of chatbot plugin for websites, this issue is overcome and it helps in increasing the profits for the company. The sales targets are met and the highest level of customer engagement is earned by the websites. The chatbot pricing offered by the platform is affordable. The visual chatbot service is available 24/7 without the need for human presence. It is an automatic tool and the Acobot WordPress tool is a simplified version of the platform that is user-friendly. The chatbot pricing has been designed with complete car and the technical assistance offered by the best AI chatbot for WordPress is highly appreciated by the users.  Acobot lead generation tool yields desired results. 

Acobot AI chatbot app can be easily downloaded in the Smartphone and the customers can interact with the automated chatbot to get answers for their queries. Acobot AI chatbot online is able to use correct language to answer the questions of the customers that make it simpler for the companies to get instant feedback from them. Acobot AI chatbot tutorial is available in the company. Acobot AI chatbot uses are impressive for the customers as they are able to have direct communication with the concerned company. Other Products which offer similar features of Acobot are Liveperson automotive and Activechat.

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