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Achiou Face Mask

Achiou Face Mask

Achiou Balaclava UV Protection Face Mask for Women & Men, Dust Protector

Achiou Face Mask Features

  • Perfect for motorcycle riding,skiing and hunting activities
  • Moisture absorbing and breathable fabric
  • Balaclava sunscreen face mask for UV damages
  • Machine washable design balaclava

Achiou Balaclava Face Mask for Men and Women 

The Achiou Adult Face Mask that comes in the most comfortable functional fabric. The fabric is a 4-way stretch and is quite soft and close to the skin. This mask is perfect for people who are into motorcycle riding, skiing, hunting, and other adventurous activities.

Keep all your sweat worries away, because this face mask can draw sweat from the face and dry quickly. Not only is this mask sweat-proof, but it is also UV-Proof, Dust-Proof, Sand Proof, and Windproof.

Unlike the ZANheadgear adult face mask, this mask protects the face from the sun rays directly. Due to its moisture absorbing and breathable fabric, this mask helps keep your nose and mouth clean for more extended periods. The lightweight material reduces material weight and hence, makes it more comfortable to wear. 

The Achiou Face mask is machine washable and comes with a Balaclava design for protection from UV rays. Keep the washing machine water temperature below 40 degrees Celsius for efficient cleaning. This product does not need ironing, hang the mask for it to drip dry. The material is quite soft and elastic and makes you breathe fresh air, even in the hot summer. 

The Achiou Face mask has a multi function design compared to the ZANheadgear adult face mask and the ifly smart adult face mask because it comes with a neck gaiter. One can use it as a neck warmer, face scarf, scarf face mask, scarf gaiter, balaclava, headband, ear warmer, or other ways because the fabric is so flexible to use. It can be worn in numerous ways due to its versatility and, hence, can help save time and money. The Achiou Face mask is perfect for your house chores and outdoor sports activities like gardening, jogging, running, etc. Therefore, it is a great choice for your family and loved ones if you are into sports and comes with the added advantage of prevention from UV rays. It could also work as the best gift for family and friends around. 

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