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ZANheadgear Unisex-Adult Face Mask

ZANheadgear Unisex-Adult Face Mask

ZANheadgear Unisex-Adult Half Face Mask | Dust & Wind Protection Mask

ZANheadgear Unisex-Adult Face Mask Features

  • Water and abrasion resistant mask
  • Adjustable hook and loop for comfortably wear
  • Protect head and face from dust,cold, and bacteria
  • Ideal for running, biking, and cycling
  • Perfect for chilling morning and windy

ZANheadgear Unisex-Adult Half Face Mask

ANHheadgear face mask is a premium Adult Mask that comes in a perfect fit, helping keep the ears and nose warm. This mask is made up of 100% Neoprene, which is considered the perfect insulator. The mask is stitched with outer piping to ensure a great fit and long-lasting durability. 

ZANheadgear face mask is water, abrasion-resistant, and comes with an adjustable hook and loop that makes it a comfortable wear for everybody. The ZANheadgear adult face mask provides better protection than the Iflysmart adult face mask as it helps protect the head and the face from elements such as wind, dust, cold, snow, rain, and all the others around in the environment. 

This face mask is ultra-comfortable and is ideal for activities like motorcycling, skiing, running, biking, trekking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, paintball, hunting, tactical training, cycling, and tons of other outdoor activities. The mask is perfect for chilly and windy mornings and can protect from different seasons.

The ZANheadgear adult face mask is more versatile than the IFlySmart Adult Face mask and the Beat Basic Adult face mask. It protects from the bacteria, dust, and pollution in the environment with air vents around the nose and the mouth. It also helps prevent your eye wear from fogging, which usually happens in most of the cases.

Moreover, the mask is a reversible and can be worn 2-way and further reversed back to its original position. ZANheadgear mask serves as a great buy for those who stay outdoors for longer periods.

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