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  • Wider ear straps
  • Machine washable dust mask
  • Breathing valve with a double-layer filtration
  • High-quality cotton material
  • Hygroscopic and breathable
  • Suitable for kids, teens, men, and women
  • Windproof face mask protects against smoke, dust, ash
  • Deters airborne bad odors
  • Suitable for children above 12years of age
  • Advanced activated carbon filter mouth mask
  • Looks soft, stylish with breathable material
  • Military-grade filtration efficiency
  • Breathable and washable nylon material
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact design dust mask
  • Dual valves allow exhaustion of heat and carbon dioxide
  • NIOSH approved respirator mask
  • 3M cool flow exhalation valve
  • Adjustable nose clip for securing
  • Advanced electrostatically charged microfiber filter
  • Washable and reusable anti-pollution mask
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Nose bridge design mechanism
  • Includes mouth mask and filter pads
  • Black cotton face mask protects from debris, bad odors
  • Stylishly designed for both men and women
  • Perfect for motorcycle riding,skiing and hunting activities
  • Moisture absorbing and breathable fabric
  • Balaclava sunscreen face mask for UV damages
  • Machine washable design balaclava
  • Perfect for chilling morning and windy
  • Water and abrasion resistant mask
  • Adjustable hook and loop for comfortably wear
  • Protect head and face from dust,cold, and bacteria
  • Ideal for running, biking, and cycling
  • All in one Travel Friendly kit for long trip
  • Provides antiseptic hand and facial wipes
  • Portable and compact to easily fit in luggage
  • Includes lip moisturizer for cracked lip
  • Face Mask helps to protect against airborne germs
  • Bests for hospital ,public places and households
  • Anti-dust mask for protect against viruses ,germs and flu
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for students and professionals
  • Water-resistance design masks
  • Wellsuited for mens and womens
  • Anti Dust and anti-poison mask to protect from harmful ash
  • Elastic ear loop mask to cover ear, mouth, and face
  • User-Friendly mask for all skin types
  • Ideal for camping,hiking ,gardening and travelling
  • Better visibility and balance with elastic straps
  • High quality knitted cotton mask for sweat- absorbing
  • Quality material with fashionable cute print mask
  • Stretchy adjustable earloops for comfortable wear
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Soft and breathable mask for comfortable use
  • Premium quality mask made with 100% pure cotton
  • Protect against vehicle smoke,and sandy airs
  • Washable and reusable design mask
  • Mouth Mask for children and adult
  • Extra-soft ear loop to perfectly fit into ears
  • Prevent from air pollution and allergens
  • Made with electrostatic polypropylene microfiber material

How To Choose Anti-Pollution Adult Masks


The outbreak of coronavirus epidemic has resulted in a significant rise in the sale of face masks. Anti-pollution masks have reportedly sold out in many stores, especially in coronavirus hard-hit areas. However, some anti-pollution masks available in the market may not be sufficient to protect you against the corona. Every face mask designed for a specific purpose, so picking the wrong one would only offer little protection against air pollutants. Here are some of the factors to consider when searching for health and hygiene essentials to protect against harmful haze and coronavirus.

Anti-Pollution Mask Specifications

The best anti-pollution masks for non-oil-based fine particulate are N-99 and N95 masks. N-99 masks can offer up to 99% protection against non-oil-based particles, while N-95 can filter up to 95% of non-oil-based fine particulates. N-100 mask may be the most efficient for areas with high PM 2.5 concentration levels. N-masks may not be advisable for someone that resides in a city with high oil-based concentrations, such as near an industrial area. For example, people living in China, the epicenter of coronavirus, should opt for a P-95, or any other of its counterparts designed for industrial use. R-95 can filter both oil-based and oil pollutants, so it should be able to protect you from coronavirus. However, these anti-pollution masks are slightly costlier than the N-counterparts, and users may have to replace them frequently, after every 40 hours.

Size of Anti-Pollution Masks

The size of an anti-pollution mask is as important as the type. The Aooba adult mask is the one that fits your face tightly, leaving no gaps at the sides. You want to protect you against a deadly virus, so be sure to a mask that fits you well. Remember those fine particulates that transmit infection could be thinner, and anti-pollution masks are available in multiple sizes and styles. So, choose one that fits comfortably on your face and ears.

Usage of the Mask

Anti-pollution face masks are available in both reusable and disposable types. Reusable face masks can be used repeatedly, but you have to clean them with a wet cloth. However, disposable face masks must be replaced after every use. Also, note that most of the surgical masks sold at local chemist outlets may not work for high levels of PM concentration. Coronavirus protection masks designed for prolonged use must be appropriately stored and cleaned after every single use. Anti-pollution adult masks can themselves become infected with the virus if they are not aired and cleaned correctly. Avoid wiping your covid masks with a moist cloth, but instead, use alcohol sanitizer. Improper storage of a face mask can cause fungi and bacteria growth or result in nose clip breakage. 


Ventilation is essential, especially for someone using their face masks while exercising. A quality anti-pollution mask should not allow fogging and moisture to form near the eyes or nose-bridge. Experts recommend a face mask that has no carbon dioxide outlet when you âre working out. Carbon dioxide usually gets accumulated in the anti-pollution mask whenever you breathe. So, it important to buy a mask that comes with CO2 outlet to allow bad breathe to leave the mask. You may explore for corona virus protection masks that come with more than one CO2 outlet. These outlets are designed to open when you breathe out and close when you breathe in. A single CO2 vent can be enough for a general use face mask. Most experts recommend buying an anti-pollution mask with at least one vent.

Types of Face Masks

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are designed to catch bodily fluids of the wearer, such as nasal discharge and saliva to prevent coronavirus or any other infectious flu from spreading to others. These masks come with two straps that hook over to the ears. Others have only one strap that goes above the ears. Surgical masks should be worn by medical professionals who are down with a cough, flu, or cold when attending to a patient.


The Beat basic adult mask is designed to protect the wearer from inhaling coronavirus and harmful gases, vapors, and fumes. They are categorized into reusable, disposable masks and filters of disposable face masks can't be cleaned, so they are only meant for single use.

Disposable Respirators

Disposable respirator face masks are only available in one adult size, which means they can’t fit toddlers and children. Unused disposable anti-pollution masks are valid for approximately three years from their manufacture date. Some brands may last shorter or longer than this, so check the expiry date before use.

Reusable Respirators

Reusable respirators can include masks that are used by people working with dangerous chemicals such as firefighters. Reusable face masks come in either half or full face. Face masks that come with a purifying feature can be fitted with a variety of filters to offer the desired level of protection. For example, P-100 can be used with different types of filters, depending on their intended purpose. Reusable Strylin adult masks are available in different sizes ranging from small, medium, and large sizes to fit different faces. However, they may not fit the faces of young kids. One thing that makes reusable face masks superior to disposable ones is that they have a more comfortable and tighter seal than disposable anti-pollution masks

They also tend to conform better to the face curves than their counterparts. Filters of reusable respirators can also last longer than disposable masks. That means they are easier to replace and can be used multiple times. When appropriately used, reusable anti-pollution masks can offer the best protection against the deadly coronavirus and harmful smoke and haze.

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