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iFLYsmart Travel Kit

iFLYsmart Travel Kit

iFLYsmart Healthy Travel Kit - Facial Wipes, Face Mask, Lip Balm

iFLYsmart Travel Kit Features

  • All in one Travel Friendly kit for long trip
  • Provides antiseptic hand and facial wipes
  • Portable and compact to easily fit in luggage
  • Includes lip moisturizer for cracked lip
  • Face Mask helps to protect against airborne germs

Iflysmart - Fly Happy and Healthy Travel Kit

The IFLYSMART adult face mask is an Adult Face Mask for corona virus that comes with a full travel kit. The mask is a part of an all-in-one family kit that can be used daily or for short trips that you want to make with your friends, family, and loved ones.

The mask is made of aloe vera, glycerin, polysorbate 20, water, and benzalkonium chloride work well in harsh environments. The full travel kit comes with 8 antiseptic wipes, 2 adult face masks, one headrest cover, and a pair of gloves.

Moreover, this kit comes with facial wipes that are antiseptic so that if you step outdoors, you can quickly use it to wipe your face and feel fresher. This happy and clean travel kit is quite portable and compact and can be easily fitted in your luggage or car.

This adult facemask kit is quite affordable compared to the BeatBasic Adult Face mask and comes with a complete package in hand for everybody. This mask also includes a lip moisturizer that works well for cracked lips in lower temperatures. The mask helps protect against the airborne germs and ensures that if you want to pick up something, the gloves are available to make your life easier.

The IFLYSMART adult face mask is a wholesome package compared to the Beat Basic Adult Face mask and the Sunvito Adult Face mask. It is a perfect buy to be used for those family trips nearby with the family or the trips you intend to make with your friends for a long time. The entire kit is also quite affordable and works well for your pockets. You can buy one each for each individual and have hassle-free travel. With the current pandemic in place, people need a medium to get out and experience a little bit of freedom. With the help of these kits, life becomes a little easier because as a family, one looks for comfort, and this is an all-in-one package that serves the needs of most people. Moreover, it is high in quality, making it last for your entire trip planned.

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