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Acer VR Headset

Acer VR Headset

Acer Windows Mixed Reality VR Headset With Motion Controllers

Acer VR Headset Features

  • Best for girls, women
  • Inside-out tracking camera
  • Mixed Reality headset allows a physical and virtual experience
  • Freedom of movement such as up, down, pitch, roll

Acer - Experience The Virtual World

The windows mixed reality headset celebrates the success of the first-gen VR with ACER VR headset, which vouches for first-hand virtual world experience and you can find VR Headsets Online at best price . The Microsoft VR Acer headset is comfortable to set up and caters to the best high-resolution display to wander in the virtual world.

There is no particular load of cables when it comes to the windows mixed reality headset, but a few wires will ensure that one has the best experience. The controllers of the headset do not require any calibration and are battery controlled. The camera faced forward is automatic and ensures nothing but the best for an excellent wandering experience.

The look of the windows mixed reality headset is very glossy, and the blue colour is definitely a change from the typical VR headsets painted in black and white. The controllers look like some sci-fi designs and seem futuristic. The controllers are fitted with LEDs on the upper band, which gives a very attractive look. The plastic of the controllers is of good quality and looks like it can run for a longer time. The face grip of the Acer mixed reality VR headset is well cushioned and does not pinch the nose. The sturdy look is what makes it desired by the kids, men, and the working women.

Apart from the design, there are a variety of games to pick and play. One can play games or even watch films on Netflix streaming app. In no small measure, the Acer gadgets have always proved their worth and Windows mixed reality headset is one of them. Buy the best VR headset online today! There are 2 more products Cinemizer OLED VR Headset and Oculus Rift VR Headset which are suitable for multipurpose like gaming and video streaming. 

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