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Cinemizer OLED Lightweight VR Headset | 3D Gaming Headsets Price

Cinemizer Features

  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Premium quality VR headset
  • Multimedia eyewear with remote control option

Cinemizer - Best Multimedia Video Glasses

The lightweight and comfortable design of the Cinemizer glasses make it unique from the other virtual video glasses available in the market. Thanks to the technical squad of Cinemizer for crafting the best smart glasses fitted with OLED displays to deliver high-quality image quality. The Cinemizer glasses vouch for superior images with a resolution of 870 X 500 with optimum comfort and great versatility. The virtual video glasses have been specially designed for smartphones and ensure that just as one can carry a mobile phone, carrying this gadget is possible.

The integrated battery is the best part of the Cinemizer goggles, since it can last up to six hours. One doesn’t need to worry about boredom if flights get delayed, enjoy with the innovative Cinemizer glasses. The virtual reality glasses have a long list of applications. VR Headsets For iPhone and iPod, has a well-developed Blu-Ray player, and is smartphone-compatible with HDMI and can be easily connected to the gaming consoles, PCs, and other technical gadgets. The powerful HDMI adapter makes all of the applications applicable.

The eyewear comes with a great adjustment option, and the people who have spectacles can comfortably wear it by setting the diopter wheel. One can enjoy the virtual reality experience without the need to wear glasses, Just look into some of VR Headsets For Android too. The OLED display is made much better with the rich and the vibrant colours. The optimal comfort Cinemizer glasses have a soft nose pad to ensure that it doesn't hurt your nose in case you want to spend the whole day lazing with the cinemizer OED on your couch. Find some more high end headsets Oculus Rift VR Headset and Optoslon VR Headset Online For iPhone and more.

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